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become anorexic (read all 184 entries…)

can anyone give me a list of any foods that are 50 cals or less.. (not including neg cals)..

become anorexic (read all 184 entries…)
Oh myzz ..

Well haven’t wrote in 3 weeks.. had my fortune told yesterday to try to get out of an “emotional state im in” and we all no what that is. but he said that it seems like i’m not ready to get outta it. and the truth is i dunno if i am. today i ate all healthy food however i tried to eat a little more then usual and i feel like a blimppp!.. it’s not fair. i used to be able to eat mcdonalds and fries every day and feel fine about myself. now i cant eat salads without feeling fat.

i hate the way i feel, i hate the way i look, i just plain hate how it seems i can get a man, however they tend to be frauds that turn out to be assholes. i feel lucky for two minutes and then i’m like wtf am i thinking.. ahh it suckss.. straving tomorrow for suree..

become anorexic (read all 184 entries…)
♫ Do you feel better now, as She falls to the ground ♫

I’m currently 125 pounds again. But i’m going on a fast today. I’m fucking sick of feeling worthless. all i want is a relationship that lasts!!

Seems like no matter what i do, i’m just played and then left by myself again. doesn’t matter if i lose weight, or not, i have just as much ‘bad luck’ as before. but obviously i’m gonna keep losing weight cause i am fat, and that could be my problem maybe i need to lose moree! i have only gotten down to 120 yet. maybe i need to go farther down. cause i mean i am 5’2 that’s pretty short! so you girls are like 110 and 5’7 and stuff.. so i’m gonna try harder.

i have been losing weight eating little bits of food but i am going to try to have a 3 or 4 day fast. or AT LEAST a 24 hour one ..!

Wish me luck girlss!

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