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  1. 1. Lose 10 pounds
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  2. 2. start swimming again
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  3. 3. stop eating bread
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  4. 4. Work out more
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  5. 5. have a flat stomach
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  6. 6. Play volleyball on the school's team
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Lose 10 pounds (read all 11 entries…)

Okay, I have a question but I didnt want to take a picture, so I drew one instead. Its a sucky drawing, but I had to do it quick:

Lose 10 pounds (read all 11 entries…)

Weighed myself this afternoon, and I am down 2.5 pounds.
I was sick today, and I think I need better nutrition. I need to cut out the bread, its really unhealthy for me now.
Hopefully I havent gained any more weight today.
Might do some Callanetics today and finish the day with an apple.

Lose 10 pounds (read all 11 entries…)

Second hour of Callanetics complete! It just seems so crazy that within 10 hours of this, I should start seeing results. It seems like if I do 1-2 hours of this, I can have this goal half-way done within the next 2-3 weeks! Amazing, huh?

Well this time it went a little bit smoother. I understand what you mean Santini, because some of these exercises are TOUGH. Especially the legs, and the first couple stomache exercises. But they went better than yesterday. I’m hoping to continue tomorrow and see if these hard hours are paying off!

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