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Very excited that i took the time to think about this one seriously…finally. I’m now planning and actually saving to take a ‘volunteer vacation’ to either tibet or dharamsala in the next couple years. Right now either will be acceptable.

I’m researching the companies that offer these opportunities first. I really want to do the ‘volunteer’ part because i think it will better allow me to be immersed in the culture and make real connections with people. If none of the organizations look good though I wlll be doing it on my own.

Fall in love (read all 2 entries…)
I'm not sure

if it’s a rationalization or not… but the more I work on my other goals, the less important this becomes. Is a love for something that is most easily labeled as ‘humanity’ love enough? Doubtfull, but it make me feel less ‘the lonliest girl in the world’ and more of a person who just happend to be alone.

Still open to the love, and proceeding in my normal cautiously optimistic fasion. Just don’t feel like i need to sprint to get there.

be a better buddhist (read all 2 entries…)
This week

If feel that I am a better buddhist every day. It’s weird though because I’ve sat here trying to figure out why, and it’s just something I can’t quantify.

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