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  1. 1. stop being negative
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  2. 2. Learn to play the guitar
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  3. 3. read every book I own
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  4. 4. learn to drive
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  5. 5. have more self confidence
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  6. 6. try not to get embarrassed as much as i do
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  7. 7. I want to loose weight
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  8. 8. Drink only water...ok MORE water.
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  9. 9. travel round the world
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  10. 10. travel round Australia
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  11. 11. Grow My Nails
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  12. 12. meditate regularly
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  13. 13. work on my website
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  14. 14. Go to the London Olympics in 2012
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  15. 15. stop procrastinating
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  16. 16. Ask for help when I need it
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grow my nails (read all 2 entries…)

hehe im back again.. about a day after i wrote the last entry two of my nails snapped off :( but now they are all long again, and i do aim to keep them that way. They are almost as long as the pic of nails up there :D

stop procrastinating

I hate procrasinating it really annoys me… i get distracted by the simplest things, usually to do with whatever im working on at the time. then it gets to about half an hour later and i realise what ive done.. so really not good. Must get my essay done ;)

work on my website

Well, have updated a few things on my website. Haven’t had much time recently due to other commitments but im hoping to get it at least finished sometime soon!

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