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  1. 1. grow wings
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  2. 2. visit all 50 states
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  3. 3. Change the World when I get my wings
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  4. 4. Elemental Royal Family
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  5. 5. A.R.T (Avian Rescue Team)
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  6. 6. become a mermaid
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  7. 7. travel the world
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  8. 8. make more time for me
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  9. 9. see the northern lights
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  10. 10. follow my dreams
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grow wings (read all 146 entries…)

Happy birthday, America!! :D

grow wings (read all 146 entries…)

This has been bothering me for a while now; Is it normal for one ridge/bud/wing to be bigger than the other?

grow wings (read all 146 entries…)

I was feeling my back to see if I could feel my wings or something (And I did!! :D) Anyway, my rib cage seems like it has expanded and that kind of freaked me out because when my wings come out, they’re gonna break my rib cage ( I Think..) Okay um, do your wings grow inside or outside of your rib cage?

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