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  1. 1. control my temper
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  2. 2. exercise regularly
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  3. 3. Be less shy
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  4. 4. Become a better public speaker
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  5. 5. have better posture
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  6. 6. ride a motorcycle
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How to pierce my navel
It took me
2 days
It made me

How to give myself a piercing
It took me
1 day
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How to get my cartilage pierced.
It took me
5 days
It made me

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ride a motorcycle

My boyfriend and I own 4 motorcycles. 2 are mine, 2 are his.

I bought my first CBR 600 to learn how to ride, but my boyfriend was the one really using it to get back and forth to work on a regular basis. I would ride up and down the carport just to get used to how the bike takes off, and how to balance on such a huge bike. He wanted to get a VFR, and I didn’t really like the CBR anymore due to the fairing damage, so I sold it and now own a VFR.

I’m trying to learn how to ride, but I’m just really scared of shifting wrong and popping a wheelie since this bike has so much more power compared to the CBR. When I ride on the back with my boyfriend, he barely needs to shift and the front end will come off the ground.


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