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  5. 5. try go kart racing
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  6. 6. sky dive
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  7. 7. ice ski
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travel alone

Just came back from a 5 day trip to Hong Kong. Went there alone and thoroughly enjoyed myself even though it was my first time there and I do not know the local language.

Somehow almost everybody I knew was quite shocked that I actually travelled alone. But what’s the big deal?? This was not the first time I travelled alone. I had travelled to Taiwan alone too.

Although it is slightly more expensive to travel alone, I love the freedom of doing whatever I feel like doing. Rather than have to compromise with other pp on where to go and where to eat.

Anyway, people who intend to travel and like to explore on their own without taking tours, one good website I can recommend is www.tripadvisor.com. The forums were really really helpful in my research.


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