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get rid of bad friends
I'm just tired.

I once sat down with this friend and talked with her about the way she acted and told her it was how she says things. It was always negative, and when it was positive it was always about her. She is so self centered she didn’t even see that I had become depressed. Everybody else did but not her.

I’ve been known to be the lively funny one. She invited me to a party of one of her friends that I’ve never met, I went because I said I would. I was having a good day, when dealing with depression it comes and goes. I was making polite conversation and doing my best to be somewhat chipper. At the end of the party she came up to me and told me “Be more animated next time” I was totally and completely floored. I had been trying so hard and she didn’t even know it.

And when this friend dosen’t get her way she throws a tantrum like a child and then everybody in the group pays attention to her. I am so sick of it. she is over 20 years old!


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