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over come selective mutism
i need help

i have sm im a junior in high school and im suffering from it really bad im very lonely and i want to get help b/c i cant live like this this sm is nothing put a plague and i hate it..i want it to go away…i havent told my mom yet and she doesnt know about it i wished she took me to see someone when i was really little ..but i know i have to tell her soon but im afraid she won’t believe me..i dont even know how to tell her..i feel so sad know one knows i have sm..except for me..its like a secret that only i know about
and i feel very depressed at times…i want to overcome i can publish my diary about sm and look back at all those quiet years and know ive risen above sm…i conqured my fears and the skys the limit….i so desperately want to be there now…im 17 already…i really want to be normal and have my life back

finish my manga
stay focused

i always come up with goood mangas the charcters are complet i have the story plot ready …and then i procrastinate and wait and get bored..hmmph well im working on my super mario manga and i want to finsh it

smile more

i want to be happier and you cant be happy w/ out smiling

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