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  1. 1. search engine optimisation
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  2. 2. search engine marketing
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  3. 3. pay per click marketing
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  4. 4. web site design
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  5. 5. get to the top of Google
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  6. 6. climb el capitan [again]
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  7. 7. update my websites
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  8. 8. market my web site
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Create my own Web Page
must keep it updated

It’s only worthwhile as long as you keep it updated. But, it’s all worthwhile when you have it well optimised for the search engines and it starts to bring in business from the other side of the world while your still in bed.

update my websites
Must do better

OK, we all do this but, we can always do better – that is why I am here logged in when I could be up a mountain!

become top rank on google for "John Kelly"
Go for it John Kelly

I have done this for my own name, obviously not for John Kelly otherwise that would be a bit of a Dave Gorman experience ;)

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