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Become a vegetarian
Good, but I need to become more educated

So far, cutting meat has been pretty easy. It’s worth it, too. My diet is healthier overall—more fiber, vitamins, etc. Except my crazy addiction to cheese, it’s been a good transition. Your body just feels . . . lighter. You feel better. You don’t feel weighed down.

The next step is to read more about organic and environmental-friendly consumption. I became veg because it was 1) cheaper 2) quicker and healthier meals 3) better for the environment. The first two reasons were the primary ones, but I think I should research more on the 3rd one. Any recommended reads about how to really eat healthy for myself and the environment?

Take more pictures
Bring it with you

I bought a new camera two months ago—Fujifilm FinePix f30. I spent 3 paychecks worth on it and so to make the most of it, I bring it EVERYWHERE with me. This way, when I get an urge to take a photo, I have no excuse!
I stick it in my bookbag, in my purse, etc. I love to take pictures of random pretty things in nature, people, and FOOD! I’ve gotten over the fear of taking my camera out while I’m dining at a nice restaurant. I love taking photos of really pretty meals. So fun!

floss daily

I got my first cavity at age 19. Yeah, ironic. Spotless through the childhood eating-tons-of-candy-years, then in college, I come home to get my teeth cleaned and TA DA! CAVITY. Once I went through the pain of getting it filled, I was determined to not have to go through it again. After getting tons of teeth taken out (small mouth, big teeth), I have had my fill of novocaine! Flossing every night became a habit after the cavity. I felt like after 2 weeks of doing it every night, I got the hang of it. I skipped one night and my mouth didn’t feel clean! I literally got out of bed and flossed.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crest Glide floss. It’s fantastic for fitting in tight spaces, and cleans out more than Oral-B Satin, which fits in tight spaces, but doesn’t clean.

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