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We're expecting a little PRINCESS!

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We're Expecting a.....

Little PRINCESS!!!

We found out this week that we’re having a girl!

Be a Mommy (read all 4 entries…)
15 Weeks

As of today, I am 15 weeks! Safely out of the first trimester, and starting to feel sooooo much better! I can’t wait to find out if my little green bean is a boy or a girl!

Be a Mommy (read all 4 entries…)

Soooooo… I found out a couple of days before Thanksgiving that I’M PREGNANT!

I am almost 7 weeks! Went in for my first ultrasound and we got to see little bean’s heartbeat just flickering away on the screen!

Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

NO MORE MISCARRIAGES! 2 is more than enough, thank you!

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