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  1. 1. see a whale
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  2. 2. be more healthy
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  3. 3. forgive and forget
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  4. 4. stay in love
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  5. 5. organize my office
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  6. 6. Swim with dolphins
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  7. 7. watch my grandchild be born
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  8. 8. learn the michael jackson dance , thriller
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  9. 9. lose weight
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  10. 10. learn sign language
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  11. 11. organize my photos
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How to go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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5 days
It made me

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Swim with dolphins
Swimming with Dolphins

We are going to Hawaii in a few months.. I am going to try to do this then.

see a whale
Whales are probably smarter than we are....

I have just always wanted to see one, be up close to one other than at Sea World. Remember that old Star Trek Movie where it ended up that they were the superior beings? I just read that somewhere… that Whales are as smart as or smarter than chips are. Things that make you go hmmmm


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