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Learn Spanish (read all 4 entries…)

I-ve been in Honduras 7 months now, and… I have learnt Spanish. I can speak it and understand it, but as I-ve never formally studied it, writing is more difficult.

Learn Spanish (read all 4 entries…)
Booked my flight

to Honduras today. Will be there for four months. Better get started on this goal, I leave in two weeks!

eat a pizza in italy
My first

was in Napoli. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was now about 6pm, and I had spent the day in the sun in Pompeii. There were two very similar pizzas on the menu, with the exception that one had ham, and one did not. That being the only difference, the two pizzas were the same price. I ordered the one without ham, because I do not eat meat. By the time the pizza arrived, I was starving! Unfortunately, the chef had put ham on the pizza! Either he didn’t understand, or he thought he was being nice. The pizza was very good anyway, if not a little burnt.

The second was in a small town, near Casino, about one hour north of napoli, two hours south of rome. A friend ordered it so it came in a box and didn’t look gourmet by any standards, but was the best pizza I have ever eaten!

I had some pizza in Pisa and Rome also, both of which were decent. In Rome you pay per 100grams.

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