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be more forgiving
I try everyday to forgive even if it hurts....a LOT!

Someone I really trusted and loved with all my heart and soul hurt me deep and hard. He did the one thing I told him never to do and that I can never forgive him for. He cheated and lied to me. He said he did it just to have revenge on his two-timing ex-gf. The bitch and slut is still hovering in the background because his family were quite close to her. I don’t trust him anymore and I don’t know if I still can. That’s how my life has been for almost 2 years now, a roller coaster of high and lows, of anger and remorse, of pain and happiness. I really hope to get better soon. I’ll keep on trying..

pass the NPTE

I will take the npte AGAIN and I’ll make sure I’ll pass the 2nd time around. The first time was 3 points short from passing, and it really pissed me off!!


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