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  1. 1. stop procrastinating
    30,420 people
  2. 2. get rid of all my clutter
    1,111 people
  3. 3. Start my own business
    9,331 people
  4. 4. meditate every day
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    759 people
  5. 5. get in shape
    10,369 people
  6. 6. be a better father and husband
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  7. 7. Read more books
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    11,846 people
  8. 8. watch less tv
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  9. 9. Be a better friend
    6,279 people
  10. 10. be a better photographer
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    423 people
  11. 11. be happy
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  12. 12. travel the world
    21,164 people
  13. 13. get a dog
    4,009 people
  14. 14. Finish what I start
    4,037 people
  15. 15. make the world a better place
    811 people
  16. 16. To live instead of exist
    11,497 people
  17. 17. Become Financially Independent
    6,699 people
  18. 18. make a smaller ecological footprint
    997 people
  19. 19. Be more spontaneous and creative
    354 people
  20. 20. live in the now
    153 people
  21. 21. Learn to play the piano
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  22. 22. help people who are not as fortunate as me
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    65 people
  23. 23. Find my purpose in life
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    889 people
  24. 24. be organized
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  25. 25. make a difference in the world
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How I did it
How to become a morning person.
It took me
1 week
It made me

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Read more books
Less TV = More Books

TV certainly is the biggest killer of time and creativity. I have been watching less TV, giving me more time to read which in turn has helped me be more imaginative.

meditate every day
Your goals are connected... more than you think

I posted an entry about how I am now a morning person. The motivation to accomplishing that goal is that I wanted to find time to meditate – something that I used to do on and off a few years ago.

I can now proudly proclaim that I have been able to accomplish this goal. Of course it’s only been a little over a week, but because I can already see the benefits – more energy, clearer thinking, less frustrated, I’m calm and composed, less negative thoughts and more – I only see myself continuing to get better at this.

The nice by product of this goal is that I am in better control of my TV watching habits – I have not watched too much TV during this period. This should motivate me even more.

I know there is a ton of music for meditation out there, but BrainSync’s Deep Meditation is something that I found very helpful in getting my mind into a deep meditative state. This uses a scientifically proven technology called binaural beats that syncs both hemispheres of your brain. You can find more information about it here. There are other products like Holosyc, HemiSync, Insight CD etc etc..

Please note that I am not recommending this as something that might work for you, but merely stating that it has helped me. Maybe it will help you. Disclaimer… use at your own discretion.

become a morning person. (read all 2 entries…)
I have 'become a morning person' now...

For little over a week now, I have been able to wake up no later than 5.15 in the morning. So, what happened you ask? I re-read Steve’s post again, and this time at night, just before I went to bed.

After I read it, I sat there visualizing the entire scene – me waking up when the alarm went off, stretching, getting out of bed feeling fresh.

Believe it or not, I was up at 5.00 the next morning, and I have been able to do it every morning since. There have been days that I have felt tired earlier than usual, but I hit bed when I feel tired.

The key here is that you need to visualize yourself doing it, and believe in your body and mind.

I will keep you posted on how I am doing.

Two nice “side effects” of accomplishing this goal – I meditate everyday for 30 mins, and I watch less & less TV everyday – both goals of mine.

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