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  1. 1. run a 10k
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  2. 2. lose 10 lbs
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run a 10K (read all 13 entries…)
keep going

Have been running only 2-3 times per week but adding in near daily long walks/hikes, biking, and/or core classes. I still want to run it and am beginning to time my runs for the first time but also enjoying the cross training aspect. As long as I’m out six times a week and three are running, I’m satisifed.

lose 10 lbs (read all 8 entries…)
6 down, 4 to go

Lost six over the past 2-3 weeks by just making more conscious decisions about food and exercise.
I anticipate that I should finish this with no problem in the next 4 weeks.

go camping

Camping is what you make of it. It’s good to do new things but it can also be highly over rated! Camp where there are fewer people- camping by others takes the true joy out of it!

Call an equipment rental store before you make a big finanical commitment if you’re not sure it’s a good fit.

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