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so so many things...

...my family to forgive and start loving each other

...my little sister and brother to be open minded, but to think for themselves

...each other to see all others as parts of the same one be-ing

...others to speak their truth, and love it

...friends and family to see we are creating it all collectively

...myself to take all my own advice

dismantle my ego
the real satan?

it has been said that all the references to satan in the bible are actually metaphors pointing to one’s own ego as the devil itself. the internal battle that exists for all of us, some of us worse than others. lately my ego has been giving me quite literally HELL. the more i learn and evolve spiritually, the more my ego plays tricks on me, sabotages my “presence” and i find myself saying on some level-i must want this negativity and unhappiness…but i really don’t. what will it take to finally conquer the ego?????


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