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Save money
A question about this goal: i like shopping so much especially i like buying rock CDs i really can't help buying them when i saw cds of my fav bands so how to save money??? July 17th, 2006 06:30


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There might be used CD stores in your area too. And if you have CDs that you don’t listen to anymore, you might be able to get cash or store credit for them.

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I’m a music addict too: swap out/sell the CDs you don’t listen any more and use them to buy a few more but don’t overspend what you sold them for. You don’t have to avoid it completely (too cruel!) but you could avoid buying the whole CD and just buy the singles that you like from iTunes.

Buy the one that’s the cheapest. If they’re both the same price then wait until they lower it. I know that’s not good advice but I remember I was trying to save and I saw Taking Back Sunday’s new album was out, I wanted so bad. But I knew I couldn’t so I waited. Then one Sunday the Best Buy paper was here and saw that the album was on sale for $9.99! I went out and bought. I love it. Patientence is important into a goal. Especially for saving money.

An alternative: Spend a few money once to buy an mp3 player, like iPod for example. There are others cheaper as well. You can then purchase online only the new songs you really like and not the whole albums. This helps for a long-term saving from your greatest expence. While keeping your old cds you can then convert your favourites into mp3s and have all in one place.

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The point is not the CD’s the point is the need to shop. Impulsively. You look at something you want, then buy it. What are you trying to save for? if the thing you love most is CD’s then you don’t have a problem! If you want to save money for a car, or a vacation to Europe, or to buy a house. Then you need to focus on what you want and the Shopping and CD’s won’t be as important. When I was 15, I wanted to go to Europe, so I got a job as a waitress and I worked every day after school, and on weekends and I saved enough for a 9 week Student Exchange in Germany. I didn’t buy anything else that didn’t help me get closer to my goal or destination.

Whatever you are saving for, when you are shopping ask yourself this question: Does this action or purchase help me get closer to my goal?” If the answer is no, then don’t buy it and you will save money.

perhaps you all have great advice, now let me add mine. go here: www.limewire.com. you can download music, movies, documents, etc. for free. then, you go to an electronic store, and buy some empty cd’s. i bought a big pack, which ended up costing me 50 cents per cd. then, you can download your music from limewire to you cd’s. and there you have it, your favorite cd’s, for only 50 cents each.

Download music! :P LIMEWIRE!!!

  • Borrow friend’s CDs or buy together and exchange whenever feel like it.
  • Get the mp3 version, it is cheaper.
  • Buy from cheap cd shop, it’s pretty popular in Sydney (e.g. DirtCheapCD)
  • Buy online second hand, cheaper delivery if buy in bulk with friends.

depending on what kind of music you like, you can get some good compilation CDs for around 5 or 10 dollars. ten bands for 5 bucks! also, try checking out your local music scene. a lot of bands will put out CDs for around the same price—and actually, i’ve gotten CDs for free just because the band was so grateful i was checking them out! this is a great way to discover new bands as well.

Isn’t the point of saving money to feel good about doing something responsible for yourself? If you deprive yourself of everything you enjoy you’re gonna get burned out really quickly by the saving money gig. Allow yourself an allowance (weekly, monthly, etc.) for the things you love…such as music. For example, twenty bucks a week. That away if you must have your coffee in the morning, you can still have it…maybe not the x-large, but a medium without the whipped cream. Same with your music. Do you have to buy the whole CD new and blow your whole allowance? Or could you download a couple of the songs to your ‘puter for less than half the price (and you save travel time and expenses!) and still have a few dollars left over at the end of the week for that movie ticket? You’ll save money most effieciently by budgeting (allowance) and prioritizing (need all, one, or none?) so that you still take care of your needs and wants without becoming so burnt out that you binge on spending…which WILL happen if you deprive yourself of everything.



hey i like rock music too and i had the same problem as you are having right now
i just cant stop buying CDs when i see them … not only music CDs but any kind of CDs movies, music, games etc and i also like shopping other stuffs so thats the reason i deceided that saving money is stupid …. all i need to do is to work hard earn a lots of money and blow it up .. thats how u enjoy life according to me …. and as for your problem i can say that if u still wanna save some money then control yourself u dont need to buy everything u see and u can also save the things in ur PC of your old CDs and sell those old CDs thats what i do u know

It’s called “Limewire”. Download any song you want. ...FREE.

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