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Send a postcard to Postsecret
A question about this goal: Does anyone know of a website where they archive all of postsecrets postcards that have been posted on the website? July 27th, 2006 22:22



I actually don’t think there is one either. There are some people who occasionally save a few and post them in a Livejournal, but I’ve never seen a definitive archive. You could start one, though. :)


I think I will start one, I would have to ask for permission first though, I wouldnt want to make frank mad >.<


If you do decide to start archiving, I have about a dozen or so saved on my computer (including my own!) from the website. If Frank is cool with it, I’d help. :)


“No thank you.

was his response when I typed a very nice email asking if it would be Ok. I dont want to go against his wishes, so I guess no website for the archive will be made by me : (

Hmm.. He sounds kinda mean.

NAh, it’s just a commercial answer. If he wants to sell his books, he can’t have the secrets just lying in an orderly manner on the net, that would harm his business.


it’s not a comprehensive record, there are several duplicates of postcards, and general photos of the exhibitions, but there were plenty of cards I hadn’t seen before.

Set aside a few hours to browse them – there are almost 900 photos…

naughtyminx78 is back to being me :)

Ooops….I just lost an hour and a half.

MadameMiscellanea i am

i think that if there was an online archive then no one would buy the books…

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