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A question about this goal: Forgetfulness: How do you avoid being so forgetful during your pregnancy? (Recently I am forgetting keys in the locks, names and so much more - it's emberassing!) November 12th, 2006 02:52


HahHa…I remember..sometimes I don’t think it ever went away. Actually, if you think about it, not only is your body going through hormonal shifts which can cause forgetfulness, but your mind is probably thinking all the time. Everything is “baby focused” right now, that other, “less important” things take a backseat. That is why you feel forgetful and absentminded at times. I am speaking for myself and from my own experience…The good news is , its’ all worth it:) Good Luck and God Bless!

Ha! It’s ONCE the baby comes that’s the real kicker!! Good luck!!

this happened to me too and it’s still going on even after my baby was born! i wrote a lot of things down too-it was the only way for me to remember the “list” of stuff i needed to do. i also tried to keep my keys and cell phone, purse, etc. in the same spot all the time. that way, it was always in one place…didn’t always work though! but, it’ll be ok and you’ll laugh later-it’s all part of the great experience!

After hours I found my keys in the fridge….yes it does happen. Just remember it is because of the pregnancy, your not going crazy. I kept a notebook for things I really needed to remember, like grocery lists, appointments, or people I needed to call etc. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for so many nice and cheerful answers! It feels good to know that it’s normal and yes, I will start writing things down from now on…
I hope to be able to see the funny side of all this after a while – unless I really don’t forget something really important…

mejaka is on the preferred substitute list--for Project. Weird.

LOL-Oh, you just have to put up with it. After 4 full pregnancies, I learned-ain’t nothin’ you can do.

With #4, though, I really resented Pregnant Woman taking over my brain. Man, she was annoying.

But hey…at least it’s only Pregnant Woman for you. Now I’m 40 and what I’m facing is the same symptoms-forgotten words especially make me nuts-occurring multiple times in a day! It’s like Pregnant Woman only…she’s long gone.



Thanks… very comforting! Now I know that this right now is not so bad and it will only get worse… Wonderful!
LOL – I think your forgetfulness also has it’s advantages: forgetting all the trouble you had with your four kids and especially delivering them? I hope it works this way. Would make sense…

Mere is puzzled as to why she can't...

Totally know what you are talking about. A month or two ago, it was awful. Someone would ask me to get or do something; I would walk 10 feet away and go back wondering why I was heading in some direction or why I was in some room. At one point people were leaving me reminder notes, telling me thing twice, thrice. Terribly embarrassing it was.

I don’t know for a fact whether it was because I was asked to start taking a DHA capsules by my OB, but my memory seems to have dramatically improved. I was asked to take an algae based DHA capsule (I am a vegan). It’s called O-mega Zen. I would not say I am 100% back to pre-pregnancy days.. However I would say at least 80% back to normal.

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