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A question about this goal: How can I watch episodes 1-8 of Grey's Season 3?? November 30th, 2006 20:06


~ John Lee ~ Spring Forth In New Opportunities

Go to abc.com and you can watch all of the episodes for free on the internet. a high speed connection is required. In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, abc.com also shows episodes of Lost and Ugly Betty.

I only found episodes 7-10 on abc.com… I need 1-8… is there a specific link to the first 8 episodes?

~ John Lee ~ Spring Forth In New Opportunities

That’s really weird – there were a lot of episodes there a short time ago.

The episodes that are airing in December are all repeats (starting December 7) so I would not be surprised if they were pulled from the website so viewers would have to watch the broadcast.

Thanks for the info… I checked on the TV Guide channel web site and it says that Dec. 7 they will show episode #3 and the 14th they will show episode #4… do you know how I can check what they are showing the weeks after that? I read that the next new episode doesn’t air till Jan. 4th so I’m hoping they’ll show re-runs till then. If you know anywhere else I can find the missing episodes (between 1-8) please let me know. Thanks for your help!!

did u ever find out where u can see these on the net? let me know if u do!!!

I found all Season 3 Episodes on Fanpop.com The downside is there are subtitles you have to deal with. It’s free though and in English. Took me forever to find it. Enjoy!

Don’t believe the other ones like seriouslygreysanatomy.com, they are not free. Fanpop is!

mindboom Is working to become a surgeon... Arrrrr!!!


go on www.yagoogle.tv and watch every single episode for free, at incredible speeds. you can watch sooooo much more tv shows as well.

tell us how you get on. g’luck.


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