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lose 25 pounds
A question about this goal: I've never been able to stay on a successful diet because I tend to over-eat. Whats a good way to keep my mind off food? December 23rd, 2006 14:32


The idea isn’t so much to keep your mind off food, but off eating too much and not listening to your body when it tells you you’re just not hungry. You can learn to recognize when real hunger strikes (abdominal pain, cramps, dizziness) as compared to eating because you’re bored, stressed, etc. When you do get hungry, eat slowly, so your body has time to send signals to your brain that it’s had enough. Finally, if you find yourself craving for a special type of “bad” food, like desserts or chips, do like smokers sometimes do: start doing something else that’ll take your mind off food, if only for an hour. I found exercise works great for that. Go take a 20-minute walk, you’ll really be surprised how you won’t feel that hungry afterwards!

I don’t know if you are a coffee or tea drinker, but I just tend to brew myself a cup of coffee and put a good amount of non-fat milk in it. It seems to take the edge off, at night just brew yourself some decaf. Getting out of the house is always good too. You could also log on to 43things of course! If you find yourself over eating it may be beneficial to make your meal plans ahead of time. For instance, a lot of times I write down the night before what I’m going to eat the next day (that’s the list-maker in me).

dont buy fatty food then u wont be able to eat it make healthy food fun

I already lost it once and now I need to lose it again!!! Aargh. The things that worked for me in the past is:

1. No junk food kept in the house.
2. Keep lots of raw fruits and veggies in the house.
3. Drink lots of green tea (don’t brew it very long at all or it will get very very bitter – one tea bag should make 3 cups. Try for 6 cups/day. You can even drink it if it gets cold. This will rev up your metabolism, too.
4. Get some small low cal protein bars to keep as a snack – I like Pria bars. Plan on eating one per day as a treat (this is a trick I learned from LA Weight Loss).
5. Never go more than 4 hours without eating something healthy. Take your food with you.

Good Luck! Wish me luck, too!

-dont go to fast food places

-dont eat in front of the t.v

-if you are eating a meal put it on a small plate and put the rest away, and just eat what is on your plate.

-keep a rubberband on your wrist and every time your about to go and get something snap it.(it helps me)

-drink a lot of water before you eat it will fill you up so you dont eat as much

-keep yourself occupied so your not bored.

-you want self control of what you eat, so when you are talking a bit of that discusting food that you dont need really push yourself not to eat the last few bites. so the food doesnt control you, you can control the food.

hope this will help!

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