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grow my hair long
A question about this goal: How long does it take for hair to grow 10 inches? I need 10 inches and then my hair will be down to my waist. January 7th, 2007 12:29


I’ve heard that the average person’s hair grows five inches a year.

But honestly, that does not seem right, does it? I imagine it is somewhere around there, though.

My hair grows about 1/2 inch each month, so 5-6 inches a year is about right for me. It all depends on you. How long did it take your hair to get as long as it is?

It was quite short 1,5 year ago but now it´s longer than my bra strap. I´m just so inpatient because I want it down to my waist! :)

Usually it differs for different people. I think that the great thing about growing hair long is the patience it takes- that seems to be the most impressive thing about it.

My hair always grew faster than my friends, but once I hit menopause, it just took off growing. I cut my hair at shoulder length in April 2006 (see my primary photo) and in July it was well on it’s way to my waist. The picture is on my entry on the accomplished goal. (I can’t figure out how to link to it!)

I would say my hair grows about 2 inches a month right now. I can’t keep any kind of real cut because it just grows out almost immediately!

hair usually grows about 1/2 inch per month so it will probably take you more than a year and a half for your hair to grow 10 more inches…

it might help to keep your hair healthy by taking a daily vitamin with a lot of zinc and biotin in it and don’t over-brush :)

No one can answer this for you. Everyone’s hair has a maximum length, it’s possible to not even reach it. Rate of growth depends on nutrition and stuff, the best way to know would be to have measured the rate of growth previously. Not sure how to do that exactly, heh.

hippie1427 is going to focus to get things done!

The average rate of growth for human hair is 1 cm per month. (at least according to websites I’ve looked at) there are 25.4 cm in 10 inches, so you are looking at a little over 2 years, provided your hair remains healthy to that length. Good luck!

sarcasticbarbie31 School, Study, Sleep, repeat.

A year and eight mounths without trims. You need to trim it though to keep split ends from destroying your progress. If your hair growth is about average it should take approximently two years. There are things you can to keep the condition of your hair up so you can trim your hair less often; improving your diet may increase the rate, only if it is poor; and yes there are thing you can do to stimulate growth, I know, I know, no science to back this up. Try brushing you hair with a bore brissel brush a hundred times a day (this can cause damage though) to stimulate your scalp or a safer route is to simply massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Also, certain essential oils are said to promote growth. I haven’t tried essetial oils, personally so I can’t say from exsperence. Eating Fenugreek can help.

Joanna Eglin is growing to classic

no never over brush your hair it causes so much damage, rosemary oil, aloe vera gel, ginger all increase hair growth by stimulating scalp, rinsing with cider vinegar also balances out the scalps pH maximising growth, body shop sells wooden wide toothed combs which are a lot better than brushes, although bore bristle brushes are good at spreading the scalps natural serum and are ok for doing this, there really not intended for getting knots out of your hair

It will probably take you around two years to grow it 10 more inches. Make sure you are eating healthy foods, drinkning plenty of water and taking a multivitamin once per day. Only brush your until it’s detangled, nothing more.. overburshing creates a great deal of damage to hair. Also, keeping your hair in a braid or bun will greatly decrease the amount of wear and tear on the strands, thereby reducing split ends and allowing hair to grow longer and faster (since it won’t need cut as often with few split ends). You should also buy some hair oil and oil the ends of your hair at least once a week. Never brush hair when it’s wet, hair is about 3 times weaker when it’s wet and very easy to break off. Also, don’t shower in hot water, heat is damaging to hair, whether it comes from a blow dryer or a shower.

to tell you the truth your hair will grow depending on what condtioners you use i would recommend Tresseme MAXI- GROWTH umm.. and you show seriouly try to NOt over touch or brush and give the minimum amount of cemicals and you will be with 10 inches… within 45 weeks or so about in about 3 weeks it should have grown about minimum of 1/2 inch if it is very well-treated and taken care of well

if you want ur hair to grow faster, just eat more protein like milk or lots of meat and eggs. at that rate ur hair could grow like 1 or 2 inches a month!

Yes I personally think hair grows a lot more healthier and growth may seem quicker if you just simply eat healthy foods with protein as well as keep your hair healthy by not using a straightener or curler and not blow drying it very often. I also remember when I was bleaching my hair, my ends seem to break off very easily which prevented my hair from growing in length and my hair was very dry, so I stopped bleaching it and it seems to be growing a lot quicker and healthier now than it was before. Also, if your using hair products make sure you stick to one product, dont change brands because I’ve heard this is not too good for your hair and it may affect healthiness of your hair strands, as well as making sure you are constantly using the same shampoo and conditioner and not swaping shampoo brands on a regular basis. Otherwise good luck!

i wonder how long it will take to get my hair back to were it was, an inch above my belly button, i really reget cutting it, now it’s two inchs below my shoulder, about…. one month ago so in september my hair was an inch below my should and HOLY FUZZ my hair grows an inch a month… anyway I think you shouldn’t get it cut (unless you want to or unless you want to cut off dead ends) and keeps it clean and-d-d-d hair pills. I think they work on your nails but it might be different for you (I’m only 12 so I can’t take any) BEST OF LUCK!

Every night i move my hair alot and its grew 2 inches in one month and i moved it alot every week but it works for mee just try it. i might work for you :)

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