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meet gerard way
A question about this goal: ya how do people servive without meeting him life sure does suck!! August 11th, 2005 14:44


well i have never met him and it would be the best thing ever if i met him or the whole band,that would be the best ever.Anyway 2 survive i write stories about him and stuff and i always lisiten 2 his voice on his cd and on recorded messages on the computer and also look at a LOT of pictures and make big poasters of him on your computer and print them and put them on your wall.lol i would do that but i dont have a printer so i just make them and look at them on the computer after i save them.thats what i do.i hope this helped.bye<3

i do most of that like printing out pics and listening to his cd but i have never tried writing stories about him i might try that.


i dont right storys! i write songs! lol

i have to do the same thing cause i dont have a computer either lol and i still dont survive!

so your saying your dead???? lol ive never writen stories but i have dreams of meeting him and they work for me a little but i would much rather meet him for real

Hello person, i <3 Gerard as well! who would’nt? But i try not to obsess so much cause i know that it freaks him out. Would’nt it be great to meet him?? we can dream …Sounds good that you write stuff about him. He is a very inspiring person like that and he just makes you feel special
Talk to me , if you wanna reply.

my life sucks and not meeting him makes it a million times worse! if you ever wanna talk im me at swimbabe0916

<3 CJ

tell me about it!

meeting him would be a reason to live forever i have a collection of pics next to my bed and i look at them before i fall asleep and think about him all the time which makes me have wonderful dreams abou meeting him which in real life will probly never come true sobs uncontrolably

tell me about it i have a million ever where that i look at for comfort and when i am feeling lonely and before i go to bed wishing that that day that i would have meat them!! sniff snifff maybe someday my dream will come true!!

hey your the one who imed me last night how was helping your brother move in to colledge go meet any hot guys!lol

my brothers room mate is hott but he has a steady 4 year girlfriend right now! ahh it sux! lol…helping him sux! he starts classes tomarrow ahh its so scary! lol ttyl!

<3 CJ

Ausome!!! i would visit him just beccuase of the room mate. but i would not flirt with him i would show him my boyfriend gerard!lol sigh if only it were true

i have never met him and probably never ever will which is a depressing thought so im stuck with my picturs from other fan sites and my dreams of meeting him i dont want to go out with him even if he is the hottest guy on the face of the earth but i would sell my kidneys for a chance to meet or talk to him even for a second

Well im overly obbsesed more than u guys will be =D (SO TRUE) i am not trying to be cocky or anything haha. Well IT REALLY SUCKS NOT TO MEET HIM!! I hope i will one day when my band is Famous we will tour with them and Gerard Will Marry me, okay maybe not but the touring thing might work. OH YEAH my dad works at this one place and he gets Concert Tickets once in a while. He even got backstage passes to Black Eyed peas and a privite room to watch them perform in too. So maybe i have a chance to meet him one day! i think i might meet him!!


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