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learn how to use 43 Things
A question about this goal: How do I get my consumption on Allconsuming.com to show up in my entries on 43 things? It use to happen automatically before - now it doesnt March 28th, 2007 22:38


Hey Veronica—I’m not catching your drift. Where did your AC entries used to show up on 43T? I can’t recall that ever happening, but fill me in and I’ll try to help.


Hi Daniel
Thanks for offering to help!
Ok, let me try and explain this…
When I go to my 35 things, it comes up with the 4 options Things, Cheers, Photos, Options. When I used to go into Entries, it would bring up all my entries including any that I had added to Flickr, 43 people, 43 places, and All Consuming. Now these dont appear at all. I don’t remember fiddling with anything, but you never know. Hmmm

Aha—I see what you mean. Well, the good news is you did nothing to make them go away. We did a redesign a while back and moved those links to the bottom of the page. Go to the bottom of your profile page and you’ll see 4 boxes that show all your acitivity on the other sites (All Consuming, for example).

We did this as it was getting link-a-licious on top of the profile page for heavier users. However, I’ve heard a few people say they miss those links so you’re not alone.

Thanks for the detailed info—that helped me decipher your question.


Out of cheers at the moment, but Thanks for the info, Sunshine. Good to know I didn’t dead it! :)

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

You can control the feeds that appear in your recent entries by selecting them on 43People. At the base of your Profile page, select the link that takes you to view your recent entries across all sites. On the left hand column of the page that comes up will be a list of your feeds that you currently have defined. If All Consuming is not listed, then you have to add it back to your feeds. Click the link that says Add a feed to your account and it will take you to a page that allows you to add a feed. Paste in the URL for your All Consuming page and save it. This will add your All Consuming feed back to your list of recent entries across all sites.


Hi Todd
Thanks for this info. I checked the feeds, and then tried deleting them and re-adding them but it didn’t seem to make any difference. All the entries turn up under “recent entries across all sites”, but they also used to show up under “Entries” but still aren’t there now.

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