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A question about this goal: Please clarify the community guidelines of "keep it clean" and "don't be creepy" for the neighborhood watch. Where does one draw the line? Are we talking about accounts that only have sex related goals or should one not have any sex related goals? April 19th, 2007 08:10


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Neighborhood watch is about catching problems, but not about censorship or social control. For example, if somebody has a goal related to his or her love life, that is not an appropriate reason for a flag. If somebody is threatening others or posting pictures that are not “work-safe,” that warrants a flag and further examination.

So here are the ground rules as I understand them:

-Just adopting the goal “Have Sex” is not appropriate grounds for suspension.

-Posting obscene photos is appropriate grounds for suspension.

I am not sure about posts that explicitly describe sexual acts. They fall between the extremes. Robots?

Yeah there are a few accounts out there that simply have a long list of goals describing different sexual acts and fetishes. I think most people would probably agree that those violate the “don’t be creepy rule” but beyond that I’m not sure how one should vote to be fair in order to avoid undue censorship.

With “don’t be creepy” I would suggest a test like “are they doing something to you that felt creepy” like commenting on your goals in a sexual manner or uploading inappropriate photos. The test should not be can you search and discover someone on the site you think has creepy goals.

If you go looking for it, you are bound to find it.

Perfect answer!

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