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A question about this goal: I need a camera that is less than $150 and can take videos (with sound) and good pictures that won't blur people when they are in motion. Anyone have a suggestion and where I can find it? June 5th, 2007 10:13


Well, a Canon A640 is about $250. It’d be worth saving the extra for.

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I bought mine awhile ago, so it is more than likely cheaper now. It’s a KODAK.EasyShare, C340.
{google it}
I like it it takes great outdoor pix. once you get the idea of how to work it with the proper settings and lighting and everything.
I paid $179. about a year ago.
I am sure they have better ones now. My GF has this one, polaroid, and it’s cute small. but it doesn’t seem to have the same quality as mine. Or maybe I know what I am doing? :) Good luck.

The Canon Powershot A540 runs about $160. 6MP and 4x optical zoom. It’s a pretty powerful point and shoot. Well worth the money. Plenty of manual control is available in this model.

What are you going to use it for?

If you want larger prints than the standard 4×6, you need to spend more than $150.

If you’re just using it for web/email, anything that takes pictures and shoots video like you said will be fine.


Canon makes very good digital cameras. Their newer basic models start around $200, but they put out new models all the time, meaning if you look around you might be able to find a model that’s only a year or two old at discount, and it’d still meet your needs quite well.

Finding a digital camera that “won’t blur people when they are in motion” is not cheap, sadly. If this is really important to you, I think you’d need to look at digital SLRs, really serious cameras that start around $700 :( But I guess I’ll poll the board: has anyone found a point-and-shoot digital that captures motion well?

Not many. Some of the new models with motion stabilization are pretty good at countering camera motion, but in general you need pretty fast lenses and/or high ISO settings to freeze subject motion. In a pocket digicam, the sensors aren’t usually capable of using high ISO without lowering the quality of the image significantly, mostly due to noise, and their lenses tend to be pretty slow.

An older, possibly used, higher-end model might get you close to what you’re after, but don’t get your hopes up too much with a digicam. They’re not made for serious photography, they’re made for convenience.

The problem with most point and shoot cameras (generally, the ones without interchangeable lenses) is the shutter/processing speed. You can go into your camera and increase the ISO. Check your camera’s manual to see how to find it. I have heard that a couple of digital SLR’s are expected to drop from the $800 range. These cameras will allow you freeze your subject without the usual problems with motion. In the meantime, play with your camera by choosing the place through your viewfinder where your subject will be at the time you want the action captured in the picture. Push the shutter button down part way and hold it until the time you want to capture the picture, then depress the button the remainder of the way when you’re ready to take the shot. You will speed up the process and have a better chance of getting a non-blurry picture. Good luck!

you know, you could always go for a used camera off of ebay because usually those items, although used, are in very good condition and very high quality

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