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empress19 really needs to claim her taxes back!

get a job
A question about this goal: Can anyone provide any useful info about working at a beauty store in the US e.g. MAC, Sephora, Estee Lauder, etc!? [I'm from the UK.] June 20th, 2007 05:11


I work in a Bath & Body Works store in one of the largest malls in the country (Located in the Chicago Suburbs), in the Mall there is a MAC, and a Sephora, Estee Lauder is sold in Macy’s. I would pick an area you want to live in and get in contact with stores in the area to get a job.


yikes i used to work for a flagship bath & body (NEVER work there)—now i work for l’occitane, kind of the french equivalent to the body shop/bath & body works. it’s an awesome company, pay is well, you’re never on call (which you are at bath & body works). i agree with gwynniverre, choose a spot you’d like to live in the US with a nice mall. i live in san antonio and we have two extremely nice malls here, the one i work is just a tad more chi chi and was built more recently. in dallas, lancome i think has their own store, but other than that all those cosmetic companies (clinique, mac, estee, elizabeth arden, etc.) are in all department stores :) other standalone stores that you’ve also probably heard of that are nice: aveda, origins, bare escentuals, beauty first


Prepare a resume. It does not matter if you have relevant experience or not, prepare a resume that is honest.

Make it a point to drop off your resume, fill out the application and then follow up with a phone call.

After that, make it a point to change all of your voicemails and make them sound professional.

When you get the interview, dress professionally.

Thank them for their time, and then follow up with a thank you card to the person who conducted your email.

If you have not heard anything in a week, send an email to thank them for their time. List your contact info at the bottom. Use spell check before you send.

When you get the job, again say thanks.

Hey mate, hope you accomplish your goal. I worked for Myer, and I did shifts within L’occtane, Chanel and Davidoff perfumes, and things. My advice is to get retail experience (Any retail exp, and show how passionate you are about the job. Good luck.

cafegroundzero is catching up with his account on 43 things, and later going to work

I just happen to be looking for more work, as the jobs I have are part time and free lance.



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