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A question about this goal: The last 2 times I used the Challenge Yourself feature, I completed the goal before the deadline, but when I went back and looked afterwards it had "(failed)" next to the goal. What am I missing? I hate having that word "failed" there. July 5th, 2007 09:09


Hmmm … that doesn’t seem right. I see what you mean. Are you marking the goals as complete before the expiration day? Thanks.

I noticed it on my list, too…I think what is going on is that if you check them off on the last day, say when the timer says X-hours left to complete it, it counts it as failed. That’s what I did with the one that reported I failed when I didn’t.

Thanks, I’m sort of glad to hear it happened to someone else. I guess the thing to do is to add an extra day when I set the completion time. Having that word “failed” there under the circumstances is just torturous.

Luna is taking a break from 43T. She will be back :)

I had not seen this feature before. One of my goals I remember checking it off a DAY BEFORE, not hours —the other goal I’m still not done with it, so that one fully deserves the failure tag, but the other one I was so proud of… that’s a downer :(

Yup, the first one I wasn’t sure, but I went back through my entries and definately had 5 hours to spare. The second one I still had an hour to spare. Thanks for answering :)

Aha—because it’s so close to the end date I’m guessing it’s a time zone issue. Where the cutoff date is set to a timezone ahead of you. That’s my theory at least. I’ll check with Buster when I seem him today. Thanks for the information.

Ohhh! (light bulb goes on). Thanks for looking into it!

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