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is moving castles

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A question about this goal: I'll looking for a camera, where you can zoom in on a color of something and only that color will show up. Everything else is black and white. Anyone know? September 6th, 2007 14:21


That sounds more like something done with post-processing software, rather than a particular kind of camera.

I have a Canon Powershot SD900, and my camera can do that. It’s pretty fun to play with, too!

My guess is that it’s probably a feature of the DIGIC III processor, and I imagine that any Canon camera with that chip will probably allow you to do that.

There actually is a camera that has this function.

They are the Canon SD 600 630 and 700 models and they work quite well actually. :)

GAinCA I will wait to find if this will last forever.

I have a 600 and I didn’t even know it could do that! How does one activate said feature?

ah, i remember seeing them in a store and it said that it had that feature. as for actually using that feature, awww… i don’t know. i remember playing with like 8 different models, all completely different from the other, all while in the 600 and 700 range.. :(

Canon SD 1000, most Canon’s actually.

Yep, my Canon SD30 does that.

Most point and shoot Canons do that. If you want more accurate control, things like that should be done in post processing.

is moving castles

Thank you people ^^ I’ve been wondering this for awhile. One of these is gonna definitely have to go on the top of my Christmas list this year :D

wow! I came here to say that you can do this in photoshop (and other such software too i’m sure(


i find that some canon pt and shoots can do this directly – incamera! wow! i would love to get some details on how to do it. i have a canon sd400.

yup, i think most of the powershot series does this. i have the A710is. haven’t used the feature yet, so dunno how well it looks/performs. but i think the images will appear ‘pixelated’ coz i doubt it’s manipulating the raw data.

Thanks found it under the My Colors option when you press the “FUNC” button on the SD400. I havent really got it to work but hey that’s pretty cool! Thank you.

My Canon Powershot A610 has such capability. However, it isn’t near as accurate as software like Photoshop.

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