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find agree shampoo
A question about this goal: can i buy agree shampoo anywhere? Did they discontinue it? September 30th, 2005 11:31


I came online to find out the same exact thing. When I was a teenager, I have very oily hair. I would wash my hair in the morning, and by the time I came home from school, my hair would be oily. It was so embarrassing. That was until I found Agree Shampoo. In my 20’s and early 30’s, my hair was pretty much normal. But now, suddenly in my late 30’s it’s oily again, and I need my old yellow Agree Shampoo again. I searched at several stores yesterday to no avail. Does anyone know who makes Agree? Maybe we can find out through the manufacturers website.

SC Johnson makes the shampoo, and i have also hunted for it, and can’t find it. if you do email and get an answer, let me know :)

Hi you can find Agree Shampoo at www.discountcosmeticoutlet.com They have several Agree shampoos and conditioners.

I realize that it was years ago that you posted your question, but I just discovered it while searching for information about what ever happened to Agree Shampoo. I saved my last bottle from years ago. It has a Bar Code of ” 0 41670 52128 0 ” and says 1995 DEP Corp (Los Angeles) and under that it says Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220, Made in USA #52-128. I’ve even tried comparing the ingredients with other shampoos to see if any others have the same ingredients. There was something very different about Agree and I’ve never found another shampoo that even comes close. I just can’t believe it! If you have acquired any information in the past several years, please let me know.

you mean this?

or this

Thank you,
I’m going to get some while they have it available.

I have been searching for Agree Shampoo as well!

Do they still make this product? I would spend top dollar to buy Agree…if only I could find it!


I have good news for all of you: they still carry Agree Conditioner at the Dollar Tree; this is where I buy my supply! :-) I’ve never seen the shampoo, though. Hope this helps!

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