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make a smaller ecological footprint
A question about this goal: What do you do to avoid using plastic bags in the bulk food section of the grocery store? January 8th, 2008 06:27


My co-op allows you to bring any container you want for bulk foods. You just have a cashier weigh your container when you bring it in (so you don’t pay for the weight of your container, just the food you get). I save jam jars, spice jars, etc or I use a tupperware container. I also re-use bread bags. I keep a stash of empty containers near my fabric shopping bags so that I don’t have to hunt for them, and I’ll always remember to bring them along.

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

I reuse spice jars at home and use jam jars to store loose grains and stuff. Mine are usually not completely empty before I head back to the store, so I’ll have to use some of my other saved containers. Bread bags I completely forgot about—that is great! With our co-op closing this month, I will have to find out if the Whole Foods a couple miles away will weigh my containers before I shop. These are fantastic ideas, thank you!

Well I simply put the veges into the basket and have them weigh it without the plastic bag.
Another thought is that you can take your own transparent bag (or keep the one you get first and resused it).

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

That’s great! I also skip the bags for my produce. I’m wondering more about carrying tiny things like loose beans and granola. I do carry some old plastic bags from previous trips, but they eventually tear and I don’t want to pick up new ones, so I was looking for other thoughts. Thanks for your input!

YES! i’m so glad there are people out there who don’t put every single piece of fruit into those plastic baggies at the store. I like to just throw stuff into my carry basket. BUT, i never thought of using my own container for loose type items, like nuts. YES!

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

Matt, if you think that’s crazy… when I go out to eat and know I’m going to have left-overs, I try to remember and bring a tupperware along :)

There is a restaurant in Minneapolis that actually requires you to bring your own tupperware, or else you have to buy one from them! I think more restaurants should do it that way…it’s cheaper for them and better for the environment, so win-win :)

mondayrowing tip-toeing around ever so stealthily.

Which restaurant? I’d love to check it out next time I’m home!

It’s called Ecopolitan. I believe they have a website, if you just google Ecopolitan minneapolis or something you can probably find a menu.

Same as others – my co-op will weigh any container for bulk items, so my shopping bag is sometimes just as full on my way in as on my way out!

Bring a variety of different size cloth bags with you when you shop so you can put veggies and bulk items in them. When I get home, I put them in the stay fresh green bags (which really seem to work) so that you can keep more of the produce you buy.

mondayrowing tip-toeing around ever so stealthily.

Try reusing the bags you already have. When you run out of something, just use the same bag over again.

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