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visit new york
A question about this goal: I plan on Visiting NYC in Feb. Which Airport is nearest (best to use) to get there, and how much roughly is it to get from the airport to NYC? Thank you. January 8th, 2008 10:30


knottylady Bwwaaaahaaahaa

If you’re planning on spending the most time in Manhattan (i.e. Times Square, Broadway, etc), then fly into La Guardia. It’s much closer than JFK, which is situated in Brooklyn, and will save you $$$ in cab fare.

NY institutes a flat rate policy for cab fares originating from the airport to Manhattan. Mine from JFK was about $45 + tip, but if you’re coming from La Guardia it will be less (around $30 + tip?).

Hope this helps!

Not even heard of La Guardia, Most budget flights I think use JFK But if that is only $45 cab thats cool. To be honest I don’t know how NYC works in terms of geography. I thought an airport was on the island. oh well.. This was helpful. Thanks.

Don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty! I made it just in time for the place to close. I’ve got to go back to see it now.

VeeShay is figuring it out

I live 10 minutes from NYC and I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. But I did do the Top Of The Rock Tour. I liked that a lot. You can see sooooooo far! I took pictures, which came out great. I will post them in my photos on this site.

VeeShay is figuring it out

I added my photos from the top of Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is the building from which the Today Show is produced. One morning I’ll get up and go there while they are filming. —One day.

I will be staying at the Club Quarters Rockefeller Center hotel. Is it quite central?

and I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. :( Living for 7 years here already and before that I’ve been to NY 3 times…. At least the first time I visited NY I wen to the World trade Center, and the day was clear, so I also made tons of pictures. This was in 1997. OMG 11 years ago… time flyes really fast… Good for me I have no intention to age :D



:) most people dont do things that are in their own backyard…i know I dont :)

We flew into JFK and there’s a bus service outside of arrivals that takes you into Manhattan, and stops at Grand Central. I can’t remember how much it costs but it wasn’t too unreasonable. It was the first time I’d been to New York and it was nice to see the skyline as you drove in.

Here’s a link to the bus service website.

Thats Excellent Thank you.

I came into LaGuardia and my transportation had already been arranged with my ticket price so I am really not sure how much that was because I only gave him a tip. Hope you have a blast. Don’t forget to eat a hotdog from the street vendors!!!

I used JFK when I went (but we purchased the flight in the sales, so perhaps this airport was only available in the sales?) and it took approx. 30 minutes to get to actual Manhattan. Then again it was really busy traffic-wise.

As for price, we got a limo, so I’m not really sure how much a cab etc. would be.

VeeShay is figuring it out

I live in New Jersey and North Carolina so I fly back and forth (when I don’t drive). I have never flown into JFK; always La Guardia or Newark. You can catch a bus (the one mentioned above) to Manhattan for $12 or you can purchase a round trip ticket for the bus for $21. It stops at Grand Central Station and Port Authority on the 40th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. From there you can catch a cab or get on the subway. Some websites for good fares are www.sidestep.com and usair.com has specials, including international, under their e-savers heading. My friend travels to England often for around $500 round trip. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information. I will be using JFK and staying at a Hotel on 51st Street.
(But that doesn’t mean anything to me)
. Cheers.

The easiest thing for you would be to get a cab, But as someone already mentione it is 45$ + toll, as they’ll use Midtown Tunnel most probably which is …. hm not sure (I never use it) etween $6 and $8 and tip of course, so a ca will be more then 50$, Or you can get a bus, Grand Central is on 42nd Street between Lexington and Park Ave and then you can take the subway. Depending on the size of the luggage you’ll have it might be a fun thing to do, or it could be a big challenge. But if it is a beautiful day like today (it is sunny and 62 degrees outside – like 16 C) I would go with bus/then subway.
Anyway – whatever you decide to do, get some brochures from the airport and also a subway map. It is impossible to get lost in Manhattan, unless you go to the Village – I always get lost there :). once streets are no longer numbered, but with names instead…. I can hardly find my way… Have Fun!



charleymarley is going to write for the Lush Times!!

I got a British Airways flight to JFK, where the flat rate was about $45 plus tips to the East Village. I think you can only fly to either JFK or Newark airport from the UK.

If anything I would advise staying in Brooklyn/Williamsburg hotel and travelling into Manhattan. The hotels are cheaper outside the island and the metro passes are great value anyway. $20 for a week!! Plus the subway runs 24 hours so you can enjoy the Manhattan nightlife without having to rush to get back to the hotel :)

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