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serbiangirl2003 is living

buy a car
A question about this goal: so the radio in my car wont work..everything turns on around it it even lights up but no sound is there any way for me to do something or should i take it in January 23rd, 2008 12:13


Seems that it could be a fuse.

serbiangirl2003 is living

hmm is there anything i can do.how much does a fuse cost?

Fuse Options
there are two sets of fuses:
1. main car fuses (see your manual) which would stop it lighting up as well, so it’s unlikely to b that 1.
2. head-unit fuse – if you remove the head-unit (easier said than done) there’s a fuse at the back which will cost pennies to replace.

Depends on whether you want to save money or time, but before you take it in to a garage and get stiffed for £50, consider a new CD-radio head unit is only £70 and you can (probably) fit it yourself. And there’s always ebay.

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