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Stop Biting Your Nails

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Stop Biting My Nails

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stop biting my nails
A question about this goal: After quitting biting your nails, how much time do you wait for your first celebratory manicure? February 1st, 2008 13:05


I’d wait until your cuticles are all healed, if they were a problem. Otherwise, a manicure will sting. Take care of your cuticles and then treat yourself. Length of nails doesn’t matter. Any length looks great when you take care of them. Good luck. Good job!

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As soon as I had enough nail to file, I would start. Part of the reason for my biting was because there was a snag or an uneven place on the nail. The manicure seemed to help me not want to bite even more, because my nails were looking so good for the first time. I didn’t have an issue with cuticles though. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Depending on the condition of your nails I would have one as soon as you have some nails to work with. If your cuticles are in rough shape, like moondancer addressed, I would give some TLC every night with some oil to get them in good shape. Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions.
Vivigrrl – what is TLC?
I used Berts beewax cuticle product for the first couple of weeks but now they look good: uniformly and snuggly coating the base of the nail :-)

I was thinking of getting a french manicure: white tips and “half moon”. I’ve read it’s not good to file nails in a seesaw motion, better to do it always towards the centre of the nail. Do you agree?

Zo_Zo101 -Extroverted Tree Hugging Reinventer!-

always file your nails in the one direction, filing them in a “seesaaw” motion is bad for the.

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TLC stands for “tender loving care.”

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Did you set a goal ahead of time? I would say a month because it takes about that time to develop a habit. If you are not being tempted after a month, I would invest in a manicure. By that time, your cuticles should have healed. Congratulations! The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Kudos to you for being a good steward of yours!

Did I set a goal ahead of time? What do you mean? Which habit should I be developpin? that of not biting nails?

Like I said above, I used Berts beewax cuticle product for the first couple of weeks but now they look good: uniformly and snuggly coating the base of the nail :-)

Nepheshe is looking for people who love to travel!!

I meant when you decided to break the habit of biting your nails (or develop the habit of NOT biting your nails) did you say to yourself, “If I don’t bite my nails for _ amount of time, I will reward myself with/by doing ___.”? So if you have not bit nails for a month, you have successfully developed the habit of not biting.

It has been said that if you maintain a habit for a year, it becomes part of your character.

At any rate, getting a manicure will help solidify this new habit (not biting) unless you think you might relapse and start biting again because you are really struggling not to bite. If you feel you might relapse, wait a bit because deatroying a manicure is expensive.

If you wait until you feel you have conquered the urge to bite, you are less likely to waste your reward.

I get to have a celebratory manicure now?? Damn!

Honestly, I work so much with my hands that I’m always having them break on me. But at least I don’t bite them now and they’re survivin past my fingertips most of the time. My thumbs are the strongest, pointer fingers weakest. I file them when they need it. Eventually I will treat them to a manicure, but concentrating on other things now…

Im always with my nails done, because its always me who does it lol
So im my own manicure! :D

i haven’t had one yet :(

TajLV settling in to retirement, life is good

The sooner the better, not to celebrate but to rid your nails of any jaggies that would tempt you to resume biting them. Smoothly filed and well-maintained nails are not as much of a temptation.

I would suggest getting one as soon as possible. After I quit biting my nails I went to a nail specialist and got the low-down on the best products, the best techniques and the best manicure!

It will help you understand what you need to do to keep them healthy and will show you the best way to keep them nice between professional visits. :)

Hope this helps, congratulations on your success!

i think it depends.. i’ve never done a professional manicure.. i have one friend who is a steticist student and she always do it to me and when she does, she always say “you have to keep your nails big so i can work” lol so i’m not sure if you should go as soon as you stop biting your nails or wait for them to grow..
my opinion is: if you know someone (a professoinal steticist) who is true to you, the there is no one better to ask about when you should have your first mannicure…
sorry i couldn’t help much… (and hope you can decodify my poor english)

Bananinha – that’s a really good remark! How many millimeters does your friend need to work on? My nails have 2 to 2.5 mm of “white tip” :-)

Nepheshe – Thanks for the info that it takes a year to make a habit. I do feel “uncertain” that I’ve stopped biting my nails for life. But I had never wanted to stop before, this was the first time the urge came from within me, and that’s which I am succeeding.

oh!!! are those your nails? i believe they have enough lenght to be “mannicured”... they are bigger than the tip of your finger, right?
i think you’re ready… =)
and congratulations… i’ve never had my nails like yours (have to keep them shorter so i don’t bite them..)

Hi Guys, Thanks for all your answers and encouragements, I got my very first french manicure yesterday!!
Since I am still a bit “shaky” and not very careful with my nails, I accidentally touch two nails together when freshly varnished so the result has 2 little holes (and in the white part – what are the odds??) but generally it looks good and I am really pleased.
What do you think (see photo)?

They look nice =] I got mine done only like 2 weeks after, because my nails grow fast because I drink a lot of vitamin water, so my nails weren’t damaged and uber short anymore. I think it’s nice getting manicures, it helps them grow faster and thicker so they’re harder to bite. I love my nails now. The struggle to stop biting them was so worth it =]

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