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empress19 really needs to claim her taxes back!

go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
A question about this goal: Should I just buy my ticket and randomly go to the states with 1000 pounds for 3 months or should i plan...? April 9th, 2008 16:02


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I was never brave enough to do that. I did spend 3 months in Asia. But I had changeable plane tickets set before I got there. It became:

1 month in india.
3 weeks in nepal.
3 weeks in tibet/china.
2 weeks in thailand.

But I didn’t have any specific plans in each country. So I guess I did a combination of plan/random.

Just keep in mind that getting from place to place in the states can be pricey. So, a little plan, and budgeting for transit costs, might not be a bad idea.

If you have at least one place to stay for a few days at first, or if you use something like (I love that site) then I would say go random for sure. But if that sounds too crazy for you…then start planning.

wanderingtheworld is going to the gym!

Yes! If you know anyone in the US it would help to let them know your plans, just in case you need them while here. But the US is really big and has many different types of scenery and if you have a certain place in mind to visit, make plans of how to get there. Like if you want to see the southwest deserts don’t visit New England states…etc.
I am from the south(South Carolina) and it is totally different from where I am currently living(Nevada). Both places are great, and have very different personalities. So maybe make vague plans but stay flexible. Great things happen when you least expect them!! Good Luck!!

States for 1000 pounds and 3 months. Sounds like you have both a destination, a schedule and a budget! I guess it doesn’t hurt to have some kind of plan, and then to know that you can always change it if you want to.

The point is to do something spontaneous. If I said yes or no, you still have to decide. If you want to: do it. If you are a little scared and a little excited, then you probably have a winner. I would do it. Pick a state with a cool place to go, or any place that you really want to see (I read Edward Abbey, so I want to go to Arches in Utah). I really on ly have three good instructions:
1) towns near water always have better party scenes, and they are located near the water
2) if you get into a town and want a good time, ask a cabbie -they know, and they just dropped ten people off at the best destinations
3) trust your instincts: safety and adventure are not synonymous, but only you know your limits of comfort. Pushing the envelope is cool, but even I can push it too far.

I think you could probably meet cool people from here (this site) and then hang out, or even crash sometimes. Anyone from anywhere can be a guide.

Does that help?

You don’t have to have a day-by-day plan, but at least know where you want to go or what sites you want to see. Do you really want to see the Grand Canyon, or go to the top of the Sears Tower, or stick your toes in the Pacific?

I travel by reading up on what I want to see, and then just winging it when I’m there. Being flexible makes travel easy and fun.

Being friendly helps…I’m not an outgoing person but I travel with people who are. We’ve had some amazing times that stemmed from a simple “Hi, so what’s fun to do around here?”. (And some boring times, too, but even those are fun to tell.)

i agree completely with nefaerieous’ response. and especially the be nice part. i’m from texas in the south of the states and as long as i’ve lived here, if i’ve been nice to strangers, they’re nice right back! i would keep a positive attitude.. decide which coast you’d like to visit.. and maybe chose a region of the states to start in. i think you’d have more fun if you decided to start in a big, well known city and branched out from there. have a blast!!

I used to just go.

But, it can get expensive fast if you need spur of the moment hotels in some of the big cities. If you want to see San Francisco, New York, etc and don’t know anyone, or want to count on meeting someone you can crash with, I highly recommend getting some reservations. you can always change or cancel at the last minute, if you find someone to hang with.


It depends on how cheaply you’re willing to travel. Even with the dollar tanked like it is, it can be fairly easy to blow through 1000 pounds in a short time. You can cut down expenses by staying at hostels eating as much on the cheap as you can. Should be doable. You just have to judge for yourself how adventurous you are and know what you want out of the trip.

Have fun!

From my experience, you need the address where you will be staying your first night, otherwise customs and immigration might be an issue. I think it would help to have at least a vague plan and a return ticket, but once you’re there you can go where the road takes you =)
I’d also get a rough idea of transport costs, car/plane/bus etc. You don’t want to go travelling and run out of cash to travel with!

I just went. I didn’t have that much money. When I arrived I bought a Greyhound ticket to go anywhere for a month (I was in the US for four months). This meant I always knew if I had no where else to go I could hop on an overnight bus and sleep there. When my credit card was stolen that is just what I did. I arranged a replacement to meet me in Boston and got on the bus in San Francisco. I would go for hostels over hotels if I were you. You meet more people and see more of the ral US. Also it helps if you know a few people over there you can meet up with to make suggestions on where else you should see. Personally I would see Canyon State park and then the Grand Canyon. CSP is nothing special but you need to do it in that order to give you the perspective.

Later in my trip someone gave me a car which also guaranteed somewhere to sleep. Best of luck.

Oh, and take Lets Go USA for reference to hostels etc…

Definitely have somewhere to stay your first day just so you can get oriented. The US doesn’t have an over-abundance of hostels so if you plan to depend on those you’ll need a guide so that your travels take you to where you can find a place to stay. My criteria is pretty low for a place to sleep-no visible bugs, clean sheets and a restroom nearby-so I can usually find a cheap hotel when I travel; I just know that occasionally I’m going to have to spring for a higher priced place to stay.

I’ve traveled throughout the US more than once with another female and never had problems—everyone tends to be friendly, helpful, willing to find you somewhere to stay (even if it’s in a garage).

Have fun!


Should I just buy my ticket and randomly go to the states with 1000 pounds for 3 months or should i plan…?

I say just go, that’s the whole point. but you really have to be open to whatever happens along the way. buy a return ticket, then at least you know if the money runs out you can come home. or get a work visa so that you can earn a bit extra while you are away. check age limits though.
i have a round the world ticket, and it’s totally flexible. i have all my flights booked, but i can change the dates whenever i want, and however many times i want. and i have a few key places that i want to go, but apart from that i am just going to wing it through canada, usa, europe and china.
i travelled this way through australia, just booking flights/bus tickets as i needed them. it was so much better than being locked in to a plan. the longest i had to wait for tickets was less than a day. just do it as cheap as you can, then the money lasts so much longer.
and talk to people, anyone. you might be able to catch a lift somewhere, or do something you wouldn’t be able to otherwise do. and you might just make a friend for life!!
Travel well, and travel safe :)

smacey so thankful

how do you get flexible round the world tickets?

1000 lbs!!!!? Waaaay to much stuff. You will have such a hard time moving around you’ll just end up staying in one place for three months. I’m assuming you want to travel. In that case, pack a backpack full of stuff and that’s it. Then you can go anywhere fast.

Have a great time, be safe…

and may the four winds blow you safely home!

empress19 really needs to claim her taxes back!

£100 as in pounds coz im from LONDON! UK ;)

handygirl is wondering where her patience has gotten off to

You’ve gotten some great advice here, so the only thing I would add is that we’re just now coming to the point where weather-wise, you’re pretty good to go no matter where you choose to travel in the US. In a few more months, the entire south will be hotter than Hades, especially for someone from the UK. If you’re going to do it, do it now. Your exchange rate is kickin’!

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