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meditate daily
A question about this goal: does anyone know of a free or cheap meditation/visualization cd or even better mp3,which can be downloaded from the internet? May 4th, 2008 14:10


Travis Hellstrom is loving the 43Things iPhone application!

I might have one better, if you are interested. I just took a free 10-day meditation course through Dhamma.org and I was really awesome. It is 10 days though. If you have a chance I think you’d love it!


Forwarded from a friend in Seattle with high recommendations, has videos—

Try Bearshare.com Good luck!

Shaleenee Happy New year

if you are a beginner try “Deep & Slow Energy Meditation ” from
i like ananga sivyers music and voice, really soothing.

you can check out the below websites for loads of meditation

bramhanada is good if you have some experience with meditation. It takes you to relaxed state real fast but you need to listen a few times before u feel the effect.

they have a mediation class and loads of music and guided meditation downloads.

double_induction by Hypnotica is also great for relaxaion.

If you still want more, google for free meditation downloads. and if you find something interesting please post back :-)

You must be a part of the something-for-nothing crowd. If you invest 30 or 40 dollars in a good meditation CD, you will probably be much better off. I recommend HoloSync. Paraliminals sell for about 30 apiece and Dr. MErcola on Mercola.com sells the insight and another CD that works well. But it is a measly amount compared to not having a high-quality meditation CD.

Try one of mine @ www.4integrativetherapy.com

Thanks to everyone for your replies and for the time you took to help me out!

Now I have plenty of material to experiment with :)

Good luck with your goals!!!

Hi Pili4!

Here are a few resources with excellent CDs that help with meditation:


Good luck!

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