ihaveshoos is sorry for being an *utter* flake recently

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A question about this goal: Using the Neighbourhood Watch: I'm a little fuzzy on some of the details. Are all illegal things punishable offences? May 10th, 2008 03:19


The best place to start is the community guidelines. Actually that sums it up well. Neighborhood Watch was born out of a need to control spam on the site (more reading on that here). So, we’re not trying to police the world so much as keep the site non-spammy.

Yeah…your intentions were laudable.

But what about the unintended consequences of Neighborhood Watch? It has set up a situation where there are self-appointed keepers of “proper” speech and expression. One might call them 43 Things Brownshirts…I might use that expression myself. I might be the ONLY one using it, now that I think about it. Meh...

I have been subjected to attempted ouster from the site on more than one occasion simply because one or two people didn’t like what I had to say and attempted to rouse the rabble.

Here I am. My friends helped me survive.

But I am NOT the only one this has happened to. Some actually have been kicked out, though you guys have helped them come back.

So, while I don’t criticize you in the least case for attempting to keep the spam down…it seems like there could be a better way of doing it that might not be so hazardous to some of us.

Welcome to the tight rope we all walk while using and administering the site. Would we rather a site flooded with spam and commercial accounts? That would (and was beginning to) suck.

We learned a lot when we launched Neighborhood Watch and tweaked accordingly. That’s really the only way to figure these delicate systems out. Todd and I discuss some part of NW almost daily.

Consider this, you’re on the site doing your UE thing. The very few cases of false positives have been remedied. Measure that against the tens of thousands of blatant spam/commercial accounts that have been suspended. Um, victory.

I sense through the ether of the internet that we basically agree on this one.

Yes, I think we agree basically.

And, yeah, I agree that not having a site filled with fucking useless commercial crap is a very good thing.

And I’m willing even to admit that perhaps I’m holding on to some “bruises” that I’d be better off just releasing…sometimes old people do that shit, you know?

And…of course, as you point out, I AM still right here where I want to be.

Shut up, Unc. Don’t be so fucking boorish.

Ok, good advice.


You Superized me!!

I’ll just be dipped…

Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

ihaveshoos is sorry for being an *utter* flake recently

It does catch spam really well, and the system seems to work, but one of the complaints I keep seeing popping up is to hack msn.

I’m aware it is illegal, but why does that seem to show up more than some of the other also illegal stuff. Like killing people?

In short, what should I click when something like that comes up?

No (for being illegal)?
Or Yes (for the whole free speech nature of the site)?

Just a little confused was all

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