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A question about this goal: can someone tell me if the bud is REALLY that good there, cuz i get some tight stuff where i live. is it worth the voyage? November 3rd, 2005 13:05


Yes. Oh, yes.

I thought the same thing before I went… “I’ve got connections with some silly good stuff here, how big of a difference can it really be?”

I can barely wrap my mind around how much better it is over there. The Cannibis Cup winners are readily available in a bunch of different shops, are pretty inexpensive to buy (you have to buy by the gram for legal reasons) and will make whatever awesome stuff you have now, look like shwag.

Word up, its worth the journey.


not all of it. You need to find a good place to get it. the medicenal stuff can be very, very mild. (cancer patients, duh)

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