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Lose 10 pounds
A question about this goal: What is the best way to lose muscle mass? June 26th, 2008 19:53


You don’t want to lose muscle mass, its fat that you want to lose. The more muscle mass you have the easier it is to lose fat because it increases how many calories your body burns.

Thanks! I do have a kind of high number of body fat. I been told I’m too muscular and it makes me feel ugly =(

Don’t listen to them, I just looked at all of your profile pictures of yourself that you uploaded and you are not ugly. Healthy is beautiful and most of the modern images of what the “ideal body” look like are not healthy.

Sadly, healthy is my kind of fat. =/

Not sure why you’d want to lose muscle mass… that’s the road to more weight gain in the future. But it you want to lose muscle mass, just cut your calorie intake way back, and don’t exercise. You’ll lose weight, but a lot of that will be muscle.

I feel like I have too much muscle on me. But I do also have a body fat of about 26%. How can I lose weight and only lose fat?

Katie L. Champaign don't make me crazy ...

Stop exercising.

Obviously I do know that. Thanks!

Everybody is different, and each person’s body has a natural size and weight that it will tend to settle to.

You’ve already taken the first step by identifying a lot of things that you’d like to improve about your life by setting goals. There are a lot of people on this site who are really inspirational and supportive. And although I know this doesn’t directly answer this specific question, I can definitely say that if you want to run a marathon, losing muscle mass is not the way to do it. I say you should sign up for a marathon (or half marathon, or 10k), train for it and go for it.

The numbers on the scale and the numbers on the clothing tags really don’t mean anything if you feel like crap on the inside. Take care of yourself first. Being healthy and being active with realistic, attainable goals is the first step.

I mean to somehow get leaner. By that I dont want to get bulk.

If you want to lose muscle mass, maybe it’s because you want to lose corporal volume. Well, don’t exercise and don’t eat much. Take some magnesium, with relaxes the muscles.


walking. I have huge legs and i got them pretty tiny by walking instead of running. it sucks because you have to go longer, but the resistance that the elliptical and running give you builds muscle. be careful, though, because when you lose muscle mass you are lowering your metabolism, which makes it easier for you to gain weight. i got down to 100 by losing muscle mass and gained a LOT of weight really easily soon after. Best of luck!

I also have somewhat huge muscular legs. And it sucks because I am short too. I just want to lose the bulk but I am guessing the bulk I have is more fat than I have muscle. Thanks for the tip!

Well ideally you dont really want to be losing muscle mass, because muscle will just end up being replaced as fat.

If you really want the muscles in your legs to become less defined, i reccomend trying excercize that focuses more on upper body.

The only way muscle is replaced by fat, which eventually can be toned off, is by reducing your calorie intake, making your body start consuming its muscle.

Also, if your trying to excercize and not make too much muscles, eat less protein, and more carbs.

Because carbs are the staple for energy, whilst protein is the staple for building up the body.

Thanks! That is what I am doing now. I am walking a lot more, and eating less protein. I eat a lot of fruit for energy along with vegetables which are complex carbs, which happens to be the body’s fuel for energy. =) I’m not such of a big meat eater, so I am guessing that is a bonus.

is it working or did it work..
i have the same problem n i need help.

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