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meditate daily
A question about this goal: How does everyone find the motivation/commitment to continue a daily practice? I can do so well for weeks, then have weeks not sitting, and I don't really know why. June 28th, 2008 14:08


yogamom07 Stepping it up a few notches

Don’t beat yourself up about not retreating to your meditation place everyday… I don’t believe its meant to be viewed as a chore in our everyday life. Have peace in knowing that your place of meditation is there waiting for you… when you need it.

Same thing as meditation, but on a longer scale. Just as meditation is a way to train your self to control the arising of thoughts, prolonged practice is a way of training any discipline.

Keep at it; your practice slipping is a part of the practice!

Maybe you don’t need meditating because you’re already doing it. Of course when you think about why you’re not meditating, you’ve already stopped meditating. No thinking. No Mind, No Thing.

Hi Ajax57,

This is a good question, and I think you’re right to want to meditate every day.

Here are some things that could help:

1. Meditate at the same time every day—that way, you’ll help to create a habit

2. Meditate in the same place every day—that way, you’ll build a vibration of peace in that area, that will make it easier to meditate

3. Try to find a meditation partner, a meditation group, or a meditation class—involving other people helps us be more self-disciplined!

The benefit of good, spiritual company, is actually greater than many people think. As an example, my Dad had been trying to start practicing meditation regularly some time ago. For months, he was having difficulty doing it, similar to what you describe.

But then, he stayed at a community (Ananda Village) where the residents meditate every day. He was just there for a week, but he’s had a solid practice for years afterwards! It’s changed him in a wonderful way.

Thanks Nabha,

I already there with 1 and 2, but I think if I’m being honest with myself, I avoid no.3 (except I guess for 43T) ...I can’t really say why.. hmm, time to figure that one out.


2 I agree with wholly. I used to have a practice meditating everyday at my parents house when I was younger. Only a year of that kind of habit and now when I visit my bed that I had sat and meditated in, I remember the peace that I developed there. It’s great to know I had created that space with my own habits, because it wasn’t easy at first there and now it is. Now that I’m in my own apartment, I know I have to just start that process again. Love the advice from all of you, the philosophy attached to meditation that I am hearing in your words helps me to be in the state of mind needed to keep meditation as a daily part of my life.

Thanks for your answers… I think applezoom is spot on with “your practice slipping is a part of the practice!” That makes sense to me :)

HumanZeitgeber if I'm standing on a whale fishing for minnows, then rise up whale!

here’s something that helps me:
just remember, all you have to do is turn up. Just turn up and observe. I think the resistance to turning up arises when we think we have to achieve something…we don’t. all you have to do is turn up and observe the reality as it is – INCLUDING your thoughts about/desire to do something else, fall asleep, put it off, procrastinate, get busy with other priorities, beat yourself up about not concentrating etc etc. It’s ALL OK – that is the point you’re trying to get your mind to accept. Every time you resist, just remind yourself that all you have to do is….Just, turn, up and observe, as you are and the pressure is reduced.

martinejane is repeating: Om namah shivaya

Reading the book – the monk who sold his ferrari, kickstarted me into forming a habit.

Shaleenee Happy New year

happens to me too. I meditate daily, but in between a few weeks I am not really into it as before and then it becomes good again. all part of learning. but if I were u , i would sit even if I dont feel like meditating.

Increase the power of your commitment by broadening the understanding of the results.

We cannot help others if we are confused or disturbed ourselves. Do not meditate for your own benefit, meditate for the benefit of all beings. If you go into your practice with this motivation you will find you have a greater capacity for strength and diligence than you previously thought.

(Background note: this information is informed by Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.)

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