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Save money
A question about this goal: if you don't get your allouence (like me) how do you save money November 27th, 2005 04:23


edina calm, alert, and focused

Find coins around the house.
They’ll add up.

Make lunch from home instead of using lunch-money.

You can make money—babysitting, raking leaves, plowing snow, or starting a business [that usually requires money/resources].

You can save up to buy something or save up for a rainy day.

You can also get money from gifts—around the holidays & your birthday.


Edina gives good advice, but you can take things a few steps further.

All you have to do is find something other people want that you can provide. I made a lot of money in high school writing papers for other kids, for example.

It also helps to put money away where you can’t immediately access it, to save you from spending on frivolous things. INGDirect.com is good for this (it attaches directly to your checking account or your parents’).

Email me at angela.natividad@gmail.com with your first and last name (or your parents’ if you’re a minor), and I can send you a referral. They’ll give you $20 in savings after you make your first deposit.

You can’t save money if you have none. So lets make some money :-)

Get on ebay. Its fairly easy to get started selling on ebay.

Just get your parents to put together some things they want to take to goodwill. Rather than giving those things away, sell them online.

Get on www.USPS.com and they will send you FREE boxes to mail your treasures out in.

Magdalen Mae

Ebay is fabulous! I made about $40 on there this week only selling a few things. One of the things I sold is an old dress I’ve had lying around since junior high. If you have old books/DVDs/CDs, Half.com is better because there is no listing fee, it stays on there until it sells, and they just take a commission.

get a part time job

one thing I found that helped in making and saving money was collecting recycling. It adds up especially if you have neighbors and family who drink soda, wine, and bottled drinks. Take the recycling to the places where they give you a certain amount per can/bottle. You make more with a smaller quantity, but you have to feed eash piece through the machine and i smell like a drunk afterwards.

There are a lot of things you could do, you just have to be creative. Think of something that people need. A service that you could offer to them at a price they can’t refuse and where you will make some money! Lots of brainstorming, but you’ll come up with something.

Or, just go the easy way and get a job and pay into social security that you will never see nor touch :D

don’t buy unnecessary things. if you can live without buying it, don’t buy that thing!

you can start by spending less. By cutting out coupons, you can sometimes save several cents and if you’re lucky several dollars. hope this helps.

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