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A question about this goal: How did you know that your spouse was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? November 6th, 2008 11:39


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S Larmour is reflecting on the direction life has taken her

I couldn’t imagine living without him

Chris Pine moving forward...

Like many others it is a choice! The choice is by both of us that we will stay together like we promised until death does us part!we have been married 20 plus years for me and my bride! The thought of any other way honestly does not enter my mind.


violentwife wants to be cool in my own eyes.

I wish i had some really profound and deep answer for you but to be honest when i asked my mom the same question she told me to try to imagine my life with him not in the picture.

and I couldnt. I want him to be with me through everything in my life. And lets say God Forbid we dont work out. I still want him in my life somehow. He’s just one of those people who make me a happier person.

So yeah. Picture yourself without your significant other. Does it seem like a bummer? It did for me.

(another thing and people are going to probably boo me for saying this but it would help if you two live together first.even if its for a little while. My husband and I dated for 10 years and I learned more about him from living with him than I had in all the time we’d been together. and have fun. Planning a wedding is hella stressful.)

I just knew. He was someone who I didn’t even imagine that would exist – someone that makes me feel like a kid again – wanting to go and play with him every day, just as I never did when I was small because I had no friend like him…
Someone who since the first moment it feels like I’ve known him for many many lifetimes, and who is (sometimes even so frustratingly) like me that there is no other way than to stick with him.
Like every cell of my body knew I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Soozcat is a happy nutbar

That’s easy. He passed the “kid test.”

For a long time I assumed I was never going to get married; I just didn’t think any guy would ever love me enough. Plus, the idea of having kids really freaked me out for some reason.

I dated several guys in college, and with a few of them things progressed far enough along that I could see a proposal coming up. Any time I thought that was going to happen, I could kill the relationship dead for myself by thinking, “What if we had kids?” The immediate gut response would be something like, “Ewwww…” or “Oh, BAD idea.”

Well, then I started dating my honey. We’d been friends for a long time before we dated, so I knew him warts-and-all. Dating felt like a natural progression. And then kissing felt like another natural progression. And then came the day when I asked myself, “Wait, what if we had kids?” and the only response that came back was, “Awww, that’d be fun!”

I’ve never been happier saying my fate was sealed after that.

I knew when I realized that I could not imagine him NOT in my life! After 10 years together (almost 4 years married) I still could not picture myself without him.

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