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Gooddman777 Working on Stopping Masturbating.

stop masturbating
A question about this goal: At what age did you start to Masturbate? December 18th, 2008 11:54


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Gooddman777 Working on Stopping Masturbating.

I was about 13 years old. I started when my friends kept telling me everyone does it. I thought that I was not Normal because everyone elc was doing it. I knew what it felt like because to ejaculate because I was molested at age 9. I thought that it was something bad though. Until eighth grade I gave into Masturbation. Now I’ve been a addicted ever since. Taking one day at a time to over come this fight.

iamboomers4life we'll never be as young as we are tonight.

11 1/2. Now I’m 15. I started 3 1/2 years ago.

/me sighs. That reminds me how when I first started I thought it was all pleasurable and nothing was going wrong. Then it came up right behind me and stabbed me in the back.

Darksage555 is not going to screw up his life

i started in 8th grade about 13 years of age, when i learned what it was i couldnt control myself but now i can.

cmolovesjesus is picking up the pieces and trying to move on.

14. I’m 15 now.

2cimanp is changing for the better.

Around junior high and into high school.

holypanl Respecting Myself by Not Masturbating

At 12, by means of of pure curiosity.

Wow, I feel like a crazy person now. I started when I was like…a toddler. My sister showed me how to “rub yourself so that it feels good” and that started it all.

14, going into high school. I was bored on the internet one day…

Before I was 10.

never_give_up_hope is on Day 0

I started at 17, now I’m nearly 18

... and i realised i was addicted about 1-2 months after masturbating

... i too started out of curiosity, and i was looking quite a bit at porn on the net

... i really wanna quit masturbating, i just can get rid of this stupid addiction!

At the age of 10. :(

NoodleHead19 is getting it together.

I started at 13, the summer before 8th grade… I’m now 19, a freshman in college. Try as hard as you can to stop as soon as possible. If I had stopped earlier it wouldn’t have been this hard…

happy_muncher 1.05. day 3 - Corporal 1

12. I was curious. I didn’t like it but was too damn curious.


Started at the age of 19 lol yeah, I was never too much into sex anyway, it started out of curiosity , but I’ve been doing it for the past 3 months and I want to stop and get back to life without sex.

Age 12! Man if I could rewind back time.

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