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lose weight
A question about this goal: Should you eat back the calories you burn at the gym? Ex I eat 1,500 calories a day but then when I go to they gym I burn anywhere from 200-500 calories. So my net calories would be 1,000-1,300 a day. March 21st, 2009 14:00


I am asking if I should let my net calories get bellow 1,200 or if eating 1,500 then burning 500 a day is ok? They really need to let us either write more or be able to have details in our questions.

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If your goal is to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat back the calories you burn. Set your daily caloric intake based upon your height, weight and age. Then to lose weight, you eat that amount and exercise. Shoot to burn an extra 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week. Double that to lose 2 pounds a week.

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Well, a lot of factors play into role, more than likely your eating 1500 calories already to cut calorie correct?

Cuz it depends on your height, weight, age, how much calories you need a day, then you cut accordingly to how many pounds you intend to lose (3500 = 1 lb)

So the answer would be yes, if you intend to eat a low-cal diet of 1500, and you workout and know you burnt around 200-500, you should eat something to gain back that defecit but here’s the kicker. The gain back, should be high complex carb foods, or fats, (bananas, flax seed, pasta salad, yogurt with trail mix, chocolate milk.. etc) Not a bean burrito at tacobell, or McGriddle, heh.

If you eat within your normal BMR rate, around 2,000 (for average person) then after the workout, don’t eat the calories lost back, cuz the workout wil bring you down to 1500 or so

hope this helps!

No you arnt suppose to eat those back! You are acutually suppose to burn twice as many calories as you eat and by eating those back your wasting your time!

Brier Rose

Actually… the calories you burn off are digested calories from 24 hours prior. You don’t eat a sandwich and then work it off immediately. Hope I’m making sense!

Yes absolutely. Food is fuel and you need a post work out meal. You need carbs but more importantly you need protein to repair the muscle that is damaged while you work out (very normal). Here is a page that explains more:

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