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Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

master cleanse
A question about this goal: Do I HAVE to drink salt water? I just don't think I can stomach it, but I really want to do the cleanse. May 10th, 2009 13:59


Hi Clinton,

I never do the salt water thing. It says in the book that if you use the laxative Tea at night and in the morning then you don’t have to do the salt water. To be honest I think it’s disgusting. Still a good idea to keep up your salt though especially as you have to take so much liquid. It keeps your electrolytes up. But if you get some sea salt and take a few bits on your tongue a few times a day that should do the trick. (Sea salt isn’t as salty as table salt and easier to just eat a few bits) It is very important to use the tea though as you need to keep your system moving!!

Good luck :)

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

Oh cool thanks! That’s good news. I’m still reading up about it all – what type of tea is best? Can it be any kind of tea?

You are very welcome. The tea is a laxative tea. ‘Smooth move’ is good but just ask at your local chemist. because there’s no food you have to keep having a bowel movement which the laxative tea encourages.

If you give it a try and it works for you then that’s great. But if it doesn’t, don’t be discouraged. keep smiling. Once the third day has passed you usually have much more energy and it becomes a breeze. A good attitude is very important :-)

salt water no necessary. i do just like asceticsky and my fast is always a success!!

jam0000 is designing a wine rack!

I would say YES. Heat it up, Drink it like broth. It kinda tastes like chicken broth :) Also, Kosher salt works great! The Salt water FLUSHES everything out. Be close to a bathroom!

bhuba99 pushing ahead regardless

the salt water IS the cleanse…the lemonade is just the food that you eat for nutrition while you are cleansing. it’s the laxative tea loosening everything and the salt water flushing it all out that gets all of the gunk out. our digestive system is not able to take out everything we put in and that left over builds up and becomes a an unhealthy environment. I understand that it seems nasty, but the saltwater IS the cleanse. Lot’s of people don’t do it, but they are not really “cleansing,” rather they are just on a great diet. give it a real try, be sure not to use too much salt, remember to use two “level” tea spoons per quart of water, which is enough each morning. the salt in the water is what directs the body to let it run through your bowels instead of through your kidneys.

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

Oh wow. Hmmm. But it says in the book you can just use the lax tea? I will definitely give it a go and heating up sounds like a good idea. I can’t promise I’ll drink a lot of it – I can barely even stomach plain water, weird I know – but I will try my best!!!

bhuba99 pushing ahead regardless

I understand, believe me I do…lots of my peeps have been undertaking the cleanse, many of them balking on the salt water, and the salt water makes a difference. I’d be more worried about not stomaching water, which makes we wonder what you are drinking in its place. I’ve had a couple of friends go through kidney stones, which are extremely painful, and their doctors literally told them that it was just because they didn’t drink enough water. Good luck with the cleanse, let me know how it goes, and definitely definitely get back in touch with drinking water.

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

I drink Propel :) or when I’m in England I drink volvic flavored water. I know it’s such a bad habit and tried to force myself to drink straight water but it literally makes me gag – I’ve no idea why!!!

I disagree. The original book says that the salt water flush isn’t necessary. As long as there is some agent that encourages bowel movement the cleanse works. The Lemons and the cayenne are the main ingredients of the cleanse and the maple syrup or molasses are just there to keep your blood sugar up.

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

You’re right – I just read the part of the book that says the cleanse starts morning and evening with a herbal laxative tea. And he advises a salt water flush if that’s not enough.
I’m strangely excited about this.

It’s a good thing to be excited. I won’t pretend that it’s easy. but the sense of achievement and self empowerment you’ll get when you complete it is awesome. The last one I did was a long one. I was aiming at 40 days but only got to 35. It was great. The first few times I tried it I didn’t get past the first day. Then I managed 10 days a few times. Then 28 days and finally 35. I am going to start again in a few days so I’ll be posting on here again. I’ll keep you company :-)

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

I’m only going to be doing it for 7 days. The main reason is that I am flying from L.A. to London so I will have time to do 7 days of the cleanse and then 3 days easing back into eating before my flight. I don’t want to be drinking lax tea on the plane :(

Well a 7 day cleanse can be good. I know what you mean about traveling, not a good idea lol. 7 days is perfect for a first time actually. Are you moving to London?

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

Yep, moving until January 2010 :)

Well a big welcome to the UK from me. Hope you enjoy your stay :-)


Actually you are incorrect the salt water is NOT the cleansing part of the diet it assists in the cleansing. If you have the original book by Stanley Burroughs you can read about it on page 21 under the section entitled “Another Cleansing Aid: Internal Salt Water Bathing” he states that the Salt Water flush assists in the cleansing but is not the sole cleansing agent. The lemonade is the primary cleanser.

I completely agree with bhuba99, and I can’t believe anyone is suggesting not doing the SWF. Yes it is terrible. I mean dreadful. It makes you throw up, gag and worse. I’ve done the cleanse 3 times, and the second round I tried to skip the SWF and my results were completely different. I didn’t feel as good, I didn’t ose as much weight, and I didn’t feel as “clean”. Its terrible, but to me its worth it to do it right.

I just skimmed through my version of the book, and I don’t see anywhere where it says “you dont have to do the SWF”. Now I could have completely overlooked it, so not saying that you guys are lying. But the book also says that the SWF is to completely clean the digestive tract, and you are not feeling good during the cleanse its because your digestive tract isnt clean. It also says that you need to have 4-5 eliminations a day, and for me personally, the tea couldn’t do that alone.

I understand the SWF-hate, I totally do. But personally I’d rather struggle through it do and everything necessary to clean my system. Good luck to you.

Clinton167 is in a dilemma :(

Hmm. There seems to be two different schools of thought on this. I think I’m going to start out with just the tea. If it’s not doing what it’s supposed to then add the SWF. :)

Stanley Burroughs in his book states:

...if for some reason the salt water cannot be taken in the morning then the herb laxative tea must be taken night and morning.” pg 22.

I don’t do the salt water because it kicks in about an hour after you drink it. I have a very long commute in the morning on a very congested highway. Yeah, do the math.

I’m surprised to see such adamant responses on each side! Every person’s body is different, and you decide what you can handle.

The SWF is NOT the cleanse, it is a PART of the cleanse. It is difficult to get past it initially, especially if the mixture is not in the right temperature range or correct salinity. It is not even necessary.. but doing the flush will make a profound difference.

Do the SWF in the morning if you do it (don’t make plans that morning), and the smooth move at night (be prepared for the morning!), do either of them when it feels right, but don’t over do it!

On my last go around, I could only handle the senna tea three times (days 4, 6 and 8 after that, it was too rough on my insides [day10]) and couldn’t handle the salt water flush at all. That said, I would still try it again. I recommend attempting the flush, but be sure that you have it measured correctly: be a trooper, and get through it. Day 2 or 3 is a good day for this.

You may drink herbal teas during the cleanse (I had a cup of vanilla rooibos every morning) but stay away from caffeine and added sugars.

Lastly, I really want to discourage you from doing the cleanse RIGHT BEFORE a big trip. You may be feeling fairly weak for the first couple days after, and being in a new environment, it will be really rough to choose foods that are supportive. Detox and then immediate Retox is a great way to hurt your body.

I broke my fast on orange juice and popcorn. Following that, I maintained a mostly alkaline diet. Currently… not so much. hehe, it may be time for me to do it all again as soon as finals are done.

Monica K

I agree… with both sides! My experience is that my spouse and I did the MC a couple years ago and we both started out intending to do it properly, following all the steps, etc. He was able to get down the salt water… but I just couldn’t do it. I really tried, but kept gagging and throwing up a bit and thought ok it’s not going to work if I’m just throwing it up. I couldn’t get it down. So I did as other suggest here, I had tea morning as well as evening and drank a whole lot of extra water on top of the lemonade concoction. I personally feel like I got as much out of it (and out of myself, if you know what I mean!) as my spouse did. We made it 8 days, and I will definitely agree with everyone who says it’s not easy, and even eliminating the “hardest” part of the salt water flush didn’t do much to make it easier, I just felt like I couldn’t do it. I also couldn’t stomach the cayenne after the first couple days, and had to reduce how much I put in, but took cayenne supplements. I read online where some people thought that was not good, but others who said it should be fine (just like the SWF-or-not debate here!). After we got through the first two days, we were amazed at how refreshed, energetic, and just overall GOOD we felt, not to mention the fact that we didn’t miss eating real food at all. I will admit that by day 6/7 I was really missing chewing solid food, and quite tired of the taste of the lemonade… but I’m sure that was a psychological issue that I should have overcome. I intend to do the cleanse another time in the future, just haven’t figured out a good time yet since I work full-time now… you definitely want to be at home and comfortable and near a bathroom while on this thing! I don’t see how people go about their business outside the home when doing this! Good luck to all starting or doing it now though… I think it’s worth it and beneficial to the body, for sure.

You really should do the salt water flush in order to feel the full effect of cleansing. This is the step that actually flushes the excess toxins from the body!

If you prefer enemas, it is an alternative.

Actually Stanley Burroughs the author of the Master CLeanser recommends staying away from enemas and colonics and suggests this method becuase it is natural. Colonics and enemas are not.

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