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Kalon is making plans for the future.

Get a tattoo
A question about this goal: I want a tattoo that represents starting a new life. Any ideas? October 4th, 2009 12:21


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A tattoo can represent anything at all to the person who gets it. Think about what you like, what you’d actually want to look at for the rest of your life, and what might represent your specific situation. The tattoo doesn’t need to be an exact replica of rebirth, but maybe a blooming flower or butterfly would work for you

Maybe a quote that has to do with a new beginning? I love tattoos that are words. Good luck<3

I have a flock of six little fire birds/ phoenix, and they are a great symbol for rebirth. Butterflies emerging from cocoons also work, or maybe a snake shedding its skin. Whatever it is, make sure it is personal and meaningful to you, because you’re the one who lives with it forever! Good luck :)

Well, mine are sort of the same thing. It really depends on how you define this change inyour life. Some common “new life” or “new start” tattoos are:
fish (particularly for Christians)
celestial/lunar themes
Also for Christians, crosses can be used for a new life. It really depends more on you. I have a mermaid themed tattoo that represents that to me, but to be honest, any tattoo would have worked, as getting a tattoo was something that was “not allowed” in my very controlling marriage. It’s sort of like interpreting dreams. You can say that a snake represents good luck all you want, but when a person who is deathly afraid of snakes dreams of them, it doesn’t mean anything good…it’s fear. Think about what speaks to you as a new life…and think about what this new life will entail for you. Is it a new job? A new relationship? A move to a new place? Translate that into a simple picture. Something from your new job (for me, it might be a camera…I’m a photographer), a heart for a relationship (never the person’s name, or something that represents your new city (I live in Memphis, maybe a Pyramid or a guitar for Graceland?).
Someone who doesn’t know you or your circumstances won’t be able to make this decision for you…you know what makes your life new, so you know what can make your tatto represent that completely.

Get something that means a new beginning TO YOU! Your tattoo should be unique.

When I’m trying to think of a good visual metaphor for an idea for a tattoo, I usually do the same thing as I would for a design project.

I start brainstorming, starting with the idea “new life”. What are some important symbols that represent this new life? A new car? A new body? Someone who inspired you? The world? A new goal?

Go off on things that represent newness, write a list and go down every avenue you can think of – don’t judge yourself and put down everything you think of:
babies, birth, seeds, growth, plants, dirt, sunlight, water, milestones, road signs, stairs, mountains, accomplishments, boyscout badges and on and on.

Eventually you’re bound to come up with something that is both meaningful and awesome to put on your body.

I recently ended up with a huge cliche on my arm (octopus taking down a ship) – I’m ok with that because a) it’s awesome, period, and b) it’s a metaphor for something very very important to me, even though it seems like a stretch when I try to explain it. :D

Good luck!

just try doodling something you think represents new life. its different for every person and depends on the situation. also if you draw it your self it makes it even cooler to say you made that, not that you saw it somewhere else and liked it. just be creative =] it’ll come to you

Alison Charm is planning a trip to California.

There are a lot of different symbols that represent starting a new life. The first one that jumps to mind for me is a phoenix. In case you don’t know the symbolism, whenever a pheonix dies, it rises again from the ashes anew (pheonix tattoo’s are very popular). Trees/plantlife is something else to consider, if you’re looking for something that has a lot more flow and diversity to it.

Where are you looking to put the tattoo? That has a big factor in what design you choose, because tattoo artists can’t fit a whole lot of detail into a tiny space. And if they can, it won’t hold up for very long—lines spread overtime, slightly, and if the tattoo is REALLY small, it loses it’s clarity and detail.

Are there words that represent this new life for you? Perhaps that is an optiion you can pursue. Don’t hesitate to find a reference online and bring it to an artist to customize—that makes the tattoo totally unique to you.

I’m an apprenticing tattoo artist, so feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about ideas for designs more, I’d love to help point you in the right direction!

SugarLovesJoo is in pain from her new tattoooooo.

There’s a symbol called the ouroboros, and its a snake in a circle eating it’s tail. It’s typically seen as a symbol of transformation and death. Realize that death is used in the symbolic sense of the word, as in death of the old or renewal. Because it’s eating it’s own tail it’s also symbolic of the circle of life, that all things are changing.

Amisha21 lovin life.

I would recomend getting a lotus flower, The most known meaning of lotus flower in tattoo design is rising from the dark. The lotus flower literally starts from the most depressing scenario, under muck and mud. Then it blossoms amidst that depressing scenario and transforms to a fantastic creature that holds true and uninhibited beauty after, Like leaving behind all the old mucky life and starting a new beautiful life for yourself. however if you pick this you should know this is a fairly popular tattoo so to really make it your own you should talk with the tattoo artist and try to figure out a way to make it uniquely yours. Either way, Good Luck!! and happy tattoo hunting!

As others have mentioned, it should be important and special to you. Are there specific things causing your new life? Was there something special with the change, or anything you’d like to show you are looking forward to in your new life? Make it special and meaningful to you, since you’ll have it forever! Good luck!

kittkatbar77 is avoiding homework

Like everyone else said it should mean something to you, but if you are just looking for suggestions some things that represent starting over might be an open book with blank pages for you to start your own new story on as well as a spring leaf (turning over a new leaf etc). I hope you find something that works for you!

Sporadic Here's to the Pain and the Light of the Oncomming Train

I suggest getting something you like and are willing to stick with for the rest of your life. whatever you think you new life meaning.

Maybe a little leaf…turning over. Or if you want something more dramatic, a phoenix flying up out of a big fire dragging flames behind it.

Maybe a Japanese kanji? You can find tons-look specifically for the meaning you want. Do you want rebirth (as mentioned above) or inspired, or life, or NEW life, or?? You can use a thesaurus to find more, then use google to find the kanji-I like that others said to discuss this with the artist, to get your meaning & personalize the tat just for you.
Will you be sure to post your decision? and maybe a picture? I am sure I am not the only one curious of the outcome! What an interesting question! Good luck!

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