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lose weight
A question about this goal: what's it feel like to lose 5 pounds? can you feel the difference? June 27th, 2010 19:57


I can only say about me I don’t feel it any more because I’ve lost so much that 5# is lost in the things I do to hit my mark to get to 260 before I’m 60. Now if I was to look backward when I 1st started I could feel every pound I lost for I was at around 600 to about 630 in 1995 I know I say I was smaller but I was really near 630. there is a picture of me sitting with my Mom and pop I said I was 5-something or was it 4-something I was lying big time. Couldn’t pull myself to say the truth. But all the work I’m doing has made it possible to see the truth. Be true to yourself and work hard and don’t worry about the weigh It will come off just don’t work yourself up about it, it will go. Work on being good to yourself every day. :)

Depends on your height. I am 5’10” so it was 10lbs before I really could tell a difference. And the difference was that my pants fit. It had lost 20lbs before anyone else noticed. Now at 30lbs. lost, and everything is easier: getting out of bed, riding a bike up hill…

But if you are shorter, 5lbs makes a bigger difference.

Highly recommend Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”... it is not a diet book. It is a food philosophy: eat food, not too much, mostly plants. And I would add: move around as much as you can! Find YOUR exercise and do it often. (I found out I am a swimmer!)

Good luck.

Well, you didn’t mention whether or not it’s your weight-loss goal (those 5 pounds), or just like that first step.. for me, it was that first step, so i can only answer it as that, hope that helps-

Losing those first 5 pounds wasn’t one of my goals, i never looked at it that way.
Of course, i started off like everyone, looking at the scale, worrying over and over again..
And the thing with those first 5 pounds is- they kinda fluctuate back & forth, you know?
It’s just the beginning, and usually your body gets into a “starvation mode”, where it loses weight instead of gaining, and the natural thing for the body in that case is to gain that weight back…
So then you get all upset,all over again..
That’s why i never looked at the scale until now. Now i look at the scale b/c i’m in my perfect size and weight and i need to keep it that way and not get any skinnier, that would be very very bad for my body.

So yea, i didn’t look at the scale for like a year when i was losing weight, so i never thought about 5 pounds here, 5 pounds there.. I never thought of clothing, either, until one day people started telling me i look really good.. and then another day i noticed all my clothes are kinda baggy and i gotta get new ones.
That was the awesomest!

Good luck!

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