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grow my hair long
A question about this goal: My hair is severely damaged from previous dyes and highlights, I have split-ends up to my neck now.. I don't want to trim it now as I will only end up looking like an idiot.. Can I wait it out? or will my hair get worse? August 11th, 2010 22:21


Go bald! Shock everyone!

No, thank you. I like my mom alive and heart-attack free! :)

completely understand the not-wanting-to-cut-off-anymore-of-your-hair bit, but to be honest you’d be doing your split-ends a favor because the longer you go without trimming, the worse they will get. A similar thing happened to my hair and it was left half as thick as it used to be. But as much as you may not want to get it cut, it’s much better for you. Just think of your split-ends as zombies that would ultimately take over the healthy parts of your hair if you didn’t take care of them sooner rather than later ;)


There is a way you can easily trim off some of the split ends without changing the length of your hair.

It’s a time consuming do-it-yourself thing, so I don’t suggest you go at your whole head of hair at once. Just do a little each day and your hair will be a lot smoother.

Here is how:

Take a very, very small section of your hair and begin twisting it till it is tight from scalp to end (be careful not to twist it to the point where the section curls around on itself like a telephone cord).

Now run your fingers from the ends up to the scalp. See all those stray little short hairs sticking out the sides making the section look kind of fuzzy? Grab a pair of scissors and trim them off.

Repeat this with a few more sections of hair, each day.

The split ends will not get better until you cut them. You say they go up to your neck but I bet it’s only the hair around your face that has split ends up to your neck.
I would suggest getting a trim of a half an inch (which would only set you back a month max of growing time), and get face framing layers to get rid of the split ends around your face.

ihaveneatstuff to talk about, share and to learn.

Hate, to be the bearer of bad news but until you trim the split ends they will continue to climb up your hair. Sorry for ya. The good thing is that your hair keep growing. I take Biotin and a prenatal. It grows much faster that way.

bipolarbunny is scared

You’re gonna have to do some waiting. You can trim off a little at a time, just an inch or two. My next advice: almond oil. Soak your hair in it. Leave it on for a while, at least an hour, up to a day. Wash it out. Your hair will be a little greasy for a few washings. Once it’s done being greasy, it will look much better. Best of luck!

I agree with not wanting to trim your hair and those split ends. But it’s the only way. Some honey and some good shampoo will help but face it. It’s screwed and hair grows back fortunately. So suck it up and do what needs to be done and learn from the situation. :)

You can use the search & destroy method talked about above (finding the splits and trimming them away). If you don’t mind starting over and it’s really THAT bad, you can go ahead and cut it very short and just wait. Keep in mind that if you want long hair, and want it for keeps, the best course of action is that once you have healthy hair, DO NOT TRIM. A hair has a naturally tapered end that is resistant to splitting, and if you’re going to keep it long, letting it keep the tapered end is obviously the right choice. Whatever course of action you take to do damage control, once you get your hair to where you’re going to start growing it out, don’t trim.

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Are you a cosmetologist? Because I am and what you’re suggesting about not trimming it is a great way to get split ends from all the stress that blowdrying, brushing, and regular wear and tear does to the hair.

Well, being a cosmetologist you’re obviously the kind of person who thinks that blowdrying is a good idea, which it is not in the slightest. Brushing is also not a great idea unless you’re using a boar-bristle brush to spread around the oils; with long hair combing is a far better choice that will keep your hair healthier.

Beauty treatment, which is what you specialize in, is a far cry from actually taking care of your hair to keep it healthy. In fact, anything involving any heat treatment (blow drying, straightening, etc.) which you so readily endorse is going to be the fastest route to hair that looks like shit.

You don’t know me and you don’t know how I encourage my clients how to take care of their hair. You’ll notice, I said nothing in my previous statement about endorsing using heat tools. I encourage my clients to let their hair dry naturally when possible, but the reality is that’s not usually going to happen in this day in age. I also have boar bristle brushes, which you didn’t know either, and I care very much about the health of my client’s hair. IF (and I say IF) the client is going to use heat tools on their hair, I encourage the use of haircair products that have thermal protectants, and I also encourge use of sulfate-free shampoos and ones with UVA/UVB protection (yes, they do exist) to protect from the sun’s harsh rays, especially during the summertime. To make a blanket statement and say that this industry is only about “beauty” is not fair and is an uneducated statement.
And as for what you said about hair being tapered on the ends, that’s true with NEW hair that has grown out of the folical, so in order for this girl who posted the question to achieve what you’re saying, she’s have to pull all her hair out and start over. And even still, after growing it out for a couple years with no trimming, the ends are going to look scraggly and nasty. No thank you.

if you’re serious about growing your hair, my advice is to cut it like to shoulder length. the ends are all dead hairs and the split ends are going to keep going up and they will look worse- by the time you have the hair length you want your hair may look unhealthy. just cut it short, and grow it from there. it will be worth it in the long run, and i think its best if you tryyyyyy to avoid coloring or too much heat on your hair. natural/messy hair dos look cute too! Get it trimmed every 6 weeks, and it will grow so healthily. im still in the process of growing my hair, its been almost a year- it started at shoulder length and now its like @ my boobie length [lol]. i want mine down to my lower back, i know it takes AGES and i am an impatient person, trying to grow my hair down to my lower back, but you want to your hair to look like THE sht, not sht! lol
Good luck hun xx

but basically:

1. cut it
2. avoid dyes/heat tools
3. less/no hair product [alcohol dries the hair],
4. deep condition it every 1-2 weeks with baby oil, almond oil, etc
5. trim every 6 weeks,
6. dont wash your hair everyday, it dries it up and u need some natural oils in there. every 1-2 days or every 3 days should b good.

hmm i think thats it :\ :)

ALSO: eat healthy- lots of fruit, nuts, and PLENTY water and sleep!

I am a professional hairstylist and if you were my client, I would reccommend cutting a few inches to start with and then cut 1/4 inch every 8-10 weeks, which would leave about 3/4 inch of new healthy growth every time. Also I would have you spray “It’s A 10 miracle spray” on your ends after you get out of the shower. It helps heal previous damage and helps prevents future damage. Just a few squirts will do and then comb it through before styling. It will take time, but it will all be worth it the end. The twisting method as mentioned above works well too.

Since posting it I trimmed my hair two times.. It does look healthy but too short for my liking! I have thick curly hair and with personal experience I know that curly hair does not look good short.. I will start trimming every two months hoping it will reach my mid back next year. Thank you for all you responses!

Here is what I recommend:
After I permed my very long, black hair, it later turned brown and was dry and unhealthy and damaged from the perm. My new hairstylist at the time told me to buy the following hair products from her salon after she trimmed my hair: Aveda Black Malva Shampoo and Kenra Conditioner. I did buy them and really noticed a difference! My hair grew out and looked great again (shiny & black). I can’t remember how long it took, but I really recommend the Kenra conditioner to anyone with damaged hair. I remember noticing a very noticeable difference. I stopped using it when I ran out because I didn’t need it anymore. But I have always remembered it, even 15 years later. And, of course, get yourself a trim of however many inches you can take off for now. Best!

Oh, and I didn’t cut all my damaged hair off back then, like you don’t want to now. I just got trims every few months of maybe two inches off.

ncsnobunny is getting geared up for my super fab birthday extravaganza!

SugaB is absolutely right. I use Aveda products, there is a new leave in conditioner I put in my hair after towel drying it. It’s to my waist…my hair…and I’ve been growing it for a long time. I always battle split ends. But I do so by doing all the things that SugaB listed out.
That being said. Depending on how long you want it to ultimately be…keep in mind that some people don’t have the hair/face shape for long hair. if you have wonderful nice hair to begin with then by all means go for it! Just don’t fight against nature. I’m not trying to be derogatory, of course, I have no idea what kind of hair you have. It’s just merely an observation I’ve made that I wanted to share.

LunaFey17 Yeah Buddy!

I would trim it,and deep conditon your hair.I recommend this brand called Wen off of qvc,even though it’s expensive it works.A cheaper brand is Loreal ever pure conditioner.After you shampoo and condition your hair.After you get out of the shower when your hair is still wet,put the loreal conditioner at the ends of your hair and add water so it doesn’t look greasy.You can put alot of conditner at the tips of your hair to help strengthen it.Biosilk oil works wonders.

Also stay away from straightening or useing a hot iron on your hair.

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